As technology is advancing, users want operating systems with the best advanced facility available. They use operating system for more than one purpose.  So, they need good graphical settings on their monitor.  VGA driver is basically a driver for videos, games and all other graphical settings that are required to be done on a fresh installed operating system. It helps operating system to absorb all the hardware level information of the graphic card and provides it with best possible settings that graphic card is capable of providing.

The driver is available on the official DELL website for download by  the DELL pc or Laptop users. The below mentioned steps are involved for installation of the  VGA driver on Dell GX270 :

Step 1

Firstly install the Windows 7 operating system on the Dell GX270 system.

Step 2

As soon as you are done with the installation part of the  Process, just chek if the windows 7 system picked up the driver automatically or not. If it didn’t you will find resolution to be very large and indifferent.


Now go to the official dell website ,and enter the service tag no. of the pc or the model no. of the pc .


Now press the search button mentioned below .After clicking on the search button a list of drivers related to DellGX270 will open up in the listed form.


Select the VGA driver from  that driver’s list and download it. The driver is Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller driver (R126990.EXE) .


Now extract the content of this file to a folder .with the help mof software such as winrar or winzip. Then search for the setup.exe file inside the extracted  folder.


Check the compatibility mode and other properties of the setup.exe file by right clicking it and going to the properties . Now as all the required processes have been performed ,Now run the .exe file. This is what we call manual installation of VGA driver.


In case if the driver is not compatible u will need to run the service pack 3 and also select the option “Run as Administrator “ there. Then click Apply on the bottom of the window to apply all the changed settings. This should be done before running setup.exe otherwise it will show an error “Not compatible with the operating system”.

It is not that tough task to install a VGA driver manually as tough it sounds to be. The drivers are easily available online on the official Dell Website. The drivers are well customized and are available for all types of models of Dell PC’s.Their is not any cost for driver download .They are absolutely free. The quality depends on the download link used for downloading it. They are available for every device and accessories from Bluetooth to microphones ,all Dell related devices. The service of Dell is also considered branded and one of the best in hardware technology field.