Everyone knows about YouTube but only a few people are aware of some key facts that are associated with it. A large number of users use YouTube to share, download and upload videos. Through Adobe Flash technology, the company diplays a wide range of content, consisting of short original videos, video blogging, music videos, TV clips, move clips etc. There are some companies and other organizations such as UMG, BBC and CBS, who offer to partner different kinds of content via the YouTube website. If you are not a registered user, you can still enjoy YouTube but you are allowed to upload a video only if you are a registered user. You do not have the permission to watch any adult videos if you are below 18 years of age.

Who Can Share a YouTube Video?
Anyone can share a video irrespective of being a registered or non-registered user. Sharing a video is very simple; just send the link of that particular video to your friend or anyone you wish to send it to.

The following are some other ways to share a YouTube video:

Sharing a Video’s URL
Uniform Resource Locator is referred to as URL. When the video is displayed on the screen, you see the web address on your browser’s address bar.
• When you see the video, there is a share button present below the video; a URL could be shared by clicking that button.
• To share the video URL you are currently watching, you need to open a new window on your browser to get access to your email account.
• Just copy the URL either from share section page or the browser’s address bar.
• Now, copy-paste the particular URL in your email and send it to whosoever you wish to!

Sending the Link Directly
If you are a registered user with YouTube, you can do it from your account; there is no problem in becoming a registered member and this is for free.
• Once you open any YouTube page, you can easily locate the Create Account link on the upper right corner of that page.
• Just fill up all the necessary information asked from you and follow some simple steps to finish your signing up process.
• After being registered, sign in to your YouTube account and select the share button.
• You will see the “Send this video from YouTube” link. Now type or copy past the recipient’s address and click on “Send”. You can also send a personalized message mentioning something interesting about that video.

In addition to being registered with YouTube, you can also use your Google account ID and password for sharing videos.

Post the Link on Any Social Networking Site

There are several social networking websites where users can share any link on their webpage.
• Click the Share Button and you will see a number of links of online social networks.
• Click on the one you have an account with.
• Read the instructions carefully about how to share the video’s URL.
• You can also put the link on your homepage and send it as a message.