UNIX is a computer operating system which evolved in 1969 and now this system is split into various branches. It’s free software that anyone can use and enjoy but without proper knowledge, you can’t collect the maximum use of it. Shutting down a computer is a very important function and is needed for many reasons, especially with the newly updated software which need proper shutdown. Shutting down your UNIX system is not that difficult at all. You have to put certain commands in command prompt of the UNIX system. First you need to open command prompt and then type shutdown into the terminal but don’t press enter key as firstly, you need to determine what sort of shutdown you require. Only once this is understood, enter the suitable parameters for complete shutdown you need. Add “-h”(minus quotes) and if u desire to have the system shutdown and come back then you need to add “-r” and Press enter.

Points to Remember
The mechanism of UNIX machine is designed to be efficient even when it is not shutdown but occasions such as hardware or BIOS update stipulates shutdown or reboot. If such is not performed, then the system might continue working without the update. Shutting down a UNIX Machine is simple. All you need to do is remember some points. The first task you need to perform is to determine whether you want to shutdown or restart the computer. Shutting down of the computer should be done if the objective is to upgrade hardware. However a rebooting of computer is sufficient for a BIOS update. The next step requires you to open the command prompt and enter the keywords that will perform your intended task. If other users are not logged in, the task can get even simpler. You can also enter ‘shutdown –h’ for turning off the computer and ‘shutdown –r for rebooting. Shutting down the parameters of your system will require you to be the administrator of the computer.

Shutdown Procedure
With the aids of ‘Wall command’ warn the users about the shutting down or rebooting of the computer. Send the wall command to each user. Once all is done, typing the commands listed above is left. You can then shutdown or reboot the parameters of the computer easily. It is most important for you to know how to shut down or operate machine accurately. Not only it is necessary for you to know how to shutdown but also it is most important for you to know how to reboot a machine. If you fail to operate this machine than do not hesitate to ask your friends or any other user who is operating this machine can help you in this matter. Might be other operators of this machine can guide you more and you can understand easily. However; it is very necessary for you to learn UNIX machine operations. If you want to operate UNIX machine without knowing its actual commands than it will not be as efficient and effective for you as you want.