Dot Mac is a service provided by Apple for its user’s entertainment. Mac’s basic function includes free online storage space, sharing photos, calendars and save contacts. These uses let the users have a back up of their online files. The membership account costs $99 per year and Mac also provides a trail account for users to understand the need of a premium account. Well, if they like the trial account they can buy a premium account. This is totally dependent on user’s choice. If you desire to have a trail account you need to visit Apple’s website, especially the home page where you will find 8 categories. Here you have to click on category named as Mac and then wait to load that category. Once done, you have to look for another option named as “mobile me”. You will find that option middle right of the page or you can use the search option, and then click on the “mobile me” program. When the page loads, find the banner that says sign up for free Mac trail account which is mentioned in left middle of that page. Here, just click on it and you will able to see your sign up page.

Put the information demanded, which starts with 3 to 20 letter name and then choose a password which can contain 6 to 31 characters. Be sure that you choose a password which is easy to remember and then insert all other information like first name, last name alternative email address date of birth place country name, language. You also have to answer a secret question which will be helpful if you forget you password. Now click continue and this will help you to login into dot Mac by using your computer. After you have logged in successfully, just go back to the homepage and then go to Mac and then click on mobile me. It is here that when the page loads, you will find mobile pricing at middle right and under this heading you will see “learn more”. Click on learn more and there you will find an option which says login. Enter your user name and password her, and enjoy the features of Mac.

Mac is a service affiliated with the renowned firm called ‘Apple’. This service permits the users to adjust their calendar and contacts with ease. They can also publish photos by using this service. Mac has earned a label of “Mobile Me” and it can provide its users with vast memory for online storage. The files in this storage memory act as an online backup. Although the membership of .Mac Account is not very expensive, it is always recommended to test on a trial account. If the trial account serves your satisfaction then only you should ponder over investing your money for .Mac. Signing up for a .Mac trial account is simple. Login to the Apple website and once you are at the homepage you will see eight categories.