A virus is a type of computer program which takes control of the system by infecting it. There are various kinds of viruses infecting computers such as malware, adware and spyware. These viruses are not able to reproduce. A virus can easily spread from one single computer to another. To spread, a virus does not require any special medium; it may occupy any file or folder. When one user sends it to another, over internet or any network, there is a possibility of it affecting the receiving system. In addition to this, if a removable medium such as USB drive, DVD, CD, floppy disk can also be used.

After the computer gets infected by the virus, it is very difficult to manage the whole system and protect important files and folders in your computer. Basic computer knowledge is a must to avoid any such incidents, especially when you are working on the internet. If you know about firewall settings or install anti-virus software, you can be protected with a secure cover.

Simple instructions to fix a Computer Virus

If you are experiencing a virus affect in your computer, you can make use of the following ways to get rid of it:

• First try to boot up the computer in safe mode. It is recommended that you perform all your revamp activities in safe mode, if you want to avoid any other damage to your system. Restart the computer. Press the key F8 a number of times until a black and white screen appears. Select the safe mode option and press enter on your keyboard.
• After the computer is completely booted up, clean and optimize the browser. It is also recommended that you clean both the browsers if you are using Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. To open your browser, go to Tools, and delete all download and browsing history, including active logs, cache and cookies.
• You should close all open windows and find the “My computer” icon on the desktop. Use right click and select properties. Choose the System Restore tab. If you want to further spread the virus to other files, turn your system off because most of the viruses always occupy the system restore folder.
• Close down all open windows and go to the “Start” menu and then go to Search or Run. Type winmsd and press enter. Now go to the software environment category and select “Startup Programs”. You are now ready to scan the list. Delete all unknown programs which you are not aware of.
• There is another option on the internet. You can run the online anti-virus scan. You can find several sites providing free anti-virus scan such as www.pandasecurity.com and www.housecall.trendmicro.com. All the viruses found by them, will automatically be deleted or removed.

If you want to stop the virus from getting multiplied, the above mentioned points may be used. The best way of preventing any virus attack is installing any licensed anti virus software program, which is reliable and advanced! It always monitors the files you are about to download and alerts you when there is any virus found on your system.