You might have observed a situation in which when you tried to use a secure web service on device with a computer which is having the Windows 7 operating system then you would see that there are some problems with your system such as you were unable to install or were not able to use a secure WSD device on your system or you might encounter that a secure WSD device which used to work previously did not work after the update of the certificate for that particular device has been done.

Why this happens?

This problem might be due to the fact that the service of the function discovery provider host was not able to access the certificates which had been installed or had been updated after the service of the fdPHost was started out. This kind of problem greatly affects the certificates of the devices as well as the root certificates which are having a trust chain with the device. If any of the certificates is installed or had been updated after the service of fdPHost has started then the device would look as if it is not available or it would appear to be offline. However, this kind of problem would happen with all of the web services on the device i.e. the DPWS devices which have implemented the security.


In order to work out for the problem you should restart the service of fdpHost. After you have restarted this particular service you should also restart any of the third party services that are being affected with the use of the fdpHost service. Those third party services might need these services for the sake of discovering or for the sake of using the WSD devices. There are two methods for starting this service. In order to restart the service of fdpHost you can use any of the two methods.

First method

First click on the start menu and then collapse the imageExpand and in the start search box type services.msc. Press enter after you have done this. Then in the list of the services, you should right click on function discovery provider host and then click on restart for restarting your computer.

Second method

First click on the start menu and then collapse the imageExpand and click on all programs then click on accessories and then right click on the command prompt and after this click on run as the administrator. If you are asked to enter the password for the administrator or for the confirmation then you should type in the password and then click yes. After this enter the command prompt and then type the command i.e. net stop fdphost, which would be used for stopping the service of the fdpHost and you should then press enter. Once you have typed this command then the service would be stopped and after you have done so then you should restart the fdphost service. You can restart the fdpHost service by typing the command “net start fdphost” and this would start the service of fdpHost once again.