Economizing power in these days is a big issue due to continuous escalation in charges of electricity. Millions of users are bogged down with the issue of convenient modes for turning off option of the system. Microsoft took up the issues to face up the shutdown and a quick restart power consumption issues. So far, one could put the computer to standby mode, but that did not work as a true solution to save on power since the system continued consuming the power. People are pressed down with the lack of time as such the time taken by a computer to shutdown and restart has been also irritating issues. Everyone would like an instant response.

A refined outlook on power management

Windows Vista has solved the issue of sleep mode on your system and other wireless devices for a better management of power. It is designed on a different concept of functionality in a much smarter way than the auto shutoff when you fall asleep. Frequently, seeing a blank screen was common in such cases. Windows Vista leaves you worry free for saving your current works before turning to a very low power consuming state of its own to let you fall asleep in the midst of working. It comes to you with the new sleep mode feature of Windows Vista.

Problems often faced by the users

Often, when you feed the recommended mouse based or the keyboard command on sleep mode to the computer on Windows Vista, you may encounter the following situations:

  1. Failing to get the computer respond to your sleep or wake up commands.
  2. In many situations, the system comes alive, but the mouse pointer fails working.

There are some reasons for such failures. It is possible that your keyboard and the command are not in correct sync of a proper adjustment. Also, many users miss out on updating the version. Furthermore, when a command is given from wireless devices, the computers fails to receive a command when it is on low power mode. As it is, frequently you may have noticed that the wireless devices like USB or Bluetooth do not function in right sync when a Windows vista computer wakes up from sleep mode.

A systematic way of correction

There are some prescribed ways to solve the issue of sleep mode with Windows Vista. These are:

  • You should first try to press different keys and mouse buttons.
  • You can check if the keyboard permits taking the wake up command. Open the keyboard hardware option through the control panel.  Check the properties and activate the change setting. Now finally you should turn on the power management option to let the keyboard be in sync.
  • You got to verify the configuration of the keyboard. This can be done using software that is downloadable from Microsoft website. This software helps you to configure the keyboard in a proper manner for sync with the sleep mode.

It is essential that your computer supports advance power management features of ACPI. You got to refer to the manufacturers’ manual on such issues and follow the recommended procedure for such changes.