If you want to sort Microsoft Access records then you can do it using more than one field. For example, if you want to sort addresses in MS access based on name like you want Amy to come before Bruce. There are multiple criteria you can sort any records in MS Access.

Now we will help you to sort MS Access records using multiple criteria, to do so, just follow the steps given below:


When you start sorting the records, the first thing you will have to keep in mind that it sort the multiple criteria by first sorting the column to the left. The first column which will be sorted is the column right to that column. Before you begin the sorting procedure, first you have to arrange the columns in this order. If you are sorting by names then the column containing the last name should come before the column containing the given names.


Now the columns are arranged in an order, you will have to click on record menu, after that filter. In the filter menu click advanced filter or sort, when you click on that, a new Window will appear.


Now you will have to select the sorting criteria e.g. names, DOB etc. click in the first field, then a small menu marked by an arrow will appear.


Now to access all columns titles, click on the arrow. After that select the first column you want to sort by, select the sort order in the text box below. Sort order may be ascending or descending.


To do this for all fields or any additional field that you want to sort by, repeat the previous step. Now all the criteria are selected, next step is to click filter and then apply filter sort. To view the sorted records based on multiple criteria, return to original view and you can see records are sorted as you want.

After you done with the sorting, keep one point in mind that Microsoft Access sort order with a form or table. In future, if you will generate any reports or tables based on this data, it will inherit the sorting order specified by you.  Using this article you can sort MS access records using multiple criteria easily.