Browsing the Web is so interesting so that you can spend the whole day doing so. That’s why you need to choose the browser that makes you feel the beat in each single moment. A wide range of users all over the world chose Firefox to be their web surfing captain, and its not for nothing , Firefox has the most stunning  , speed ,and overhauled rendering engine “the code that interprets HTML into Webpage format” among all available Web browsers in the market.

Ready for more

Usually, Firefox functions through your hard disk same as any installed desktop application, the new thing is, it can function through the system’s main memory, ” RAM in another colloquial term”, which for sure pushes it to function extremely faster than operating from the hard drive. If you are thirsty for more, pay attention to the following as we will guide you to the “Into Action Scene where you can do it your self.

1-     Make a directory “create a Folder” in a specific place onto your HD as later you will download components and extract them inside it, let’s name it as SPEED and place it on the C: drive “C:\SPEED”.

2-      Download the Portable version of Firefox to your computer and pose it inside the SPEED folder.

3-      Download the RAMDisk application to SPEED as well, but start extracting “installing” it into an insider folder, let’s name it INSTALL.

4-       From Windows Control Panel, double click on ‘Add New Hardware’. Once a window shows up, click the “Next” button so that Windows searches for new hardware recently attached to the computer. By the time of finishing so, choose Yes, I have already connected the hardware, and then click on the “Next” button again. And Down there in the showed list Scroll to the Add a new hardware device, click “Next” again and choose “Install the hardware that I manually select from a list” (Advanced) and proceed by clicking “Next”.

5-      Select “Show All Devices” and hit “Next”.

6-      Hit the “Have Disk” button; a window will show up demanding the installation disk of the manufacturer. Hit the “Browse” button and navigate till you reach the INSTALL folder.

7-      Move the selection to RAMDisk.inf and hit Open, then Ok in the following window.

8-      Hit “Next” In the main window and on the “Ready to install window as well. If any troubles occurred just hit Continue Anyway and click finish.

9-      In this step we will configure the RAMDisk application, first go to Control Panel, double click on “System”, hit the “Hardware” tab, then the “Device Manager” button.

10-   Scroll down all the devices installed on your machine till you reach RAM Disk, expand it by hitting + sign to show its contents then right click on Ramdisk (Q-Soft ), then hit Properties.

11-   Hit the Ram Disk Properties tab. set the drive letter you desire to be emulated by RAM Disk, let’s name it as B: determine the size you want to specify for the drive, the file system … etc. Once it’s all done hit OK.

12-   Tow files are demanded, one is to copy Firefox to the RAM disk once the operating system restarts, and the other to save settings. It works by copying everything in C:\SPEED to B:\FireFX then copying it all back from B:\ to e C:\… operation will be as following”

  • Open Notepad and write XCOPY C:\SPEED\*.* B:\FireFX\ /E /Y /C
  • Save the file as Load_firefox.bat in C:\SPEED directory
  • Repeat the previous operation but write this line instead of the previous one XCOPY B:\FireFX\*.* C:\ SPEED \ /E /Y , and save the file under Save_firefox.bat

13-  insert the link of the 1st batch file in the Startup folder of Start Menu

14-  Double click the Load_firefox.bat so that all contents of C:\SPEED get copied to B:\FireFX

15-   Make your self a shortcut on desktop of the PortableFirefox.exe and start surfing like an eagle

So after what we have shown in here, we can assure you that Firefox will be your intimate mate especially after the enhancements started from Firefox 3 edition of no more memory hogs which makes it fast exactly all day long with No restarting required. Simply live it or leave it, Enjoy.