If you have a Windows Vista, you will be able to determine that it does not run as promptly and smoothly as XP does. It wastes a lot of time during the process of loading. If you are considering ways to improve the responsiveness of your Vista, you should go through this article because here you will get the tips to employ the configurations that would definitely help you to improve the Vista operating system.

Windows Vista upgrade advisor

The Windows Vista upgrade advisor is a free tool that will allow you to find out whether your computer is eligible for the upgrade or not.

  1. Simply go to your search engine, download, and save Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor file.
  2. Now double click the “install” button. After the completion of the process, click the link “Start System Scan”. When the process is accomplished, it will give you a report.
  3. Go through the report to find out whether your computer is ready for Vista or not. If it is, then you need to observe the Vista edition that suits the PC specifications.

Reducing the shut down time

To enjoy a better speed you need to reduce the shutdown time with Windows Vista. When you shut down a Vista PC, the operating system will close the programs that are in use. However if a service is not responding, the system will try to close it and that will require time. That is why it is important to apply settings to avoid this behavior.

  1. Open the Registry Editor
  2. Go to the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control”
  3. Then reduce the value of “WaitToKillServiceTimeout” to 2000 or less.


Maximizing the use of the memory

You can maximize the use of the memory available with your PC. For this, you need to cancel some functions that you are not used frequently.

  1. You need to cancel the Automatic Updates. For that go to My Computer >>>click “Properties” >>>than find Automatic Updates >>>simply click “Turn off Automatic Updates” >>>and click “Ok” to apply your new settings.
  2. Than you can switch off the System Restore settings in System Properties, that follows the same procedure mentioned above.
  3. Turn off the Visual Effects that are not necessary. Go to My Computer >>>click “Properties” >>>”Advanced” >>> find “Settings” in “Performance” >>> click “Custom” in the “Visual Effects”. You can cancel all the unneeded visual effects

Finally, to get a better experience with Vista, you need to cancel some unneeded services. Most of the services do not take much memory of your PC but a number of services will definitely reduce the speed of your PC.

Sign on to your PC as an administrator, then go to “Start” and select “Run”. In the box, write “services.msc” and select Enter to reach “Services”. You can cancel all the unneeded services here.