As with everything else, internet is not devoid of services that let people check their dates online or go out with them. Over time, several dating sites have come up such as Plenty of Fish and OK Cupid. These sites cater specifically to people interested in dating. Online personals can also be found in several social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook. However, the problem with these is the level of authenticity that one may grant to any online personal. Sometimes, people are completely clueless as to who they are speaking with, hence making anonymity rather a disadvantage with this technology.

How one can misuse anonymity

It has become common for people to misuse the anonymity granted by the internet. A man posing to be a suave 24 year old handsome “dude” might rather turn out to be a 75 year old man. While misrepresenting is not the only problem, the number of internet stalkers is on a constant rise. Stalkers use the information posted on your profile to stalk you and harass you later.

How to spot a Freak online personal

Since internet networking is very much dictated by anonymity, it is difficult to identify a freak from an authentic post. Nevertheless, following certain steps will help in identifying the same to a certain extent. Mentioned below are some pointers aiding you in the process of identifying freak personals:

  • Be instinctive! If your instincts guide you to arrive at a conclusion that the profile is a fake or freak, listen to it. Never be afraid to ignore the requests or emails from unknown people who try to get in touch with you. Be straight and write back saying you are not interested.
  • Pictures can tell a lot about a person. Watch them keenly. If the person has posted a lot of pictures on his profile, chances are that he is self obsessed. If he has posted pictures of celebrities and look-alikes, simply ignore him for his anonymity.
  • If you really are interested in somebody, ask him for his photo. If the person is evasive or does not agree to it, you can completely stay away from this person as chances are that he has lied to you all along.
  • If you are interested in someone, you can get a background check done on him/her using the services of the online personal sites. These sites can run a background check using the information posted on the profile. It will make it easy for you to know if the person is genuine or fake.
  • Ask the person questions while chatting or emailing. Ask him about his personal information, date of birth, schooling, workplace, contact information etc. Cross-check this with the information posted on his profile. If these match, you have found a genuine person. If not, steer away from him at the soonest possible because he has definitely been lying.
  • You can try going for niche dating services that provide you dates with a background similar to you, based on religion or profession. This makes it easier to find ways of finding people sharing similar interests.

Following the points mentioned above will help ensure that you follow a safe route to online dating.