Sharing thoughts on the web has become extremely easy today, especially with the wide range of BBS systems, online message boards and online communities. As a result, you can now share thoughts about your areas of interests with several other people on the web and also have detailed discussions about the various other topics. Well, if you are thinking of starting your own discussion community, then here are a few steps that you can follow for an entertaining discussion board.

Select a community topic

Managing your own discussion community is quite a challenge, but also extremely interesting. In order to start, you should firstly think of an appropriate topic for your community. You should be highly knowledgeable about the topic and it should be able to fetch you a lot of attention from millions of people from across the world. Ensure that your topics are expansive and not controversial.

Choose an appropriate hosting package

If you have some basic knowledge about web development and have a webspace, then you can easily design your own online message board with the help of a new software package. However, if you are not able to successfully set up your hosting, then you can always take the help of the forum services like Proboards or EZboard.

Create your discussion forums

In the most usual cases, about 5-10 different forums seem just fine for a community. Each of these forums can deal with a different topic related to your niche. For instance, you can include a basic General Discussion forum, a Science forum, Political Discussion forum, etc. Although, make sure that these topics are related. The subforums that you have added to your community should be equally appealing in the market and hence get you more viewers.

Publicize your community

Well, now that your community is ready, you should advertize it perfectly on the web so that people get to know about it and its interesting features. However, when publicizing, make sure that you avoid spamming as it will pull your new community down, much before it gets launched. Spamming will negatively affect the reputation of your community.

Select a moderator for your forum

Having a moderator for every forum and subforum in your community is extremely essential. A moderator helps keeping all your discussion topics look fresh. They start new topics in the forum and remove the inappropriate ones. However, the moderators should be knowledgeable about their forum topics and be ready to spend some time for the community’s future.

Manage your community

Managing a community can be really difficult unless you have a list of rules to manage your new community. Once you have the rules, make sure that they are applied perfectly.

Plan important strategies

New strategies should be designed and implemented to help your community grow wider and bigger.

Recreate a community like feel on your discussion community

With the passing time, you should add new features to your community in order to give it a new feel. Games, online contests, etc. are good ideas to give your website a new look.