Problems with your computer are ongoing and won’t ever come to an end. A new issue is generated everyday from the ones who are more interested in deteriorating your computer experience. Windows make sure that you have ways to try to recover your computer in even the harshest ones. Safe mode is an option that is provided by Windows operating system just to make sure that you have another way to restore your computer.

Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a running mode of your computer that has been made solely in order to repair your computer while it has been attacked by a potential threat. Your computer starts with a very limited access to the complete file system as well as many of your hardware does not work properly in the safe mode. You are only granted with access to files and drivers that are essential for the running of your computer. You can see Safe Mode appearing on all the four corners of your monitor screen that would let you know that you are using Safe Mode.

There are instances where your computer would automatically start in the safe mode. Any recent error would be preventing your computer to start in the normal mode. This could be possibly because of a recent addition of software on your system. The best you can do to get rid of the issue is to uninstall the software.

Advantages of Safe Mode

Safe mode is perhaps the first troubleshooting mode that you can avail to repair your computer. At instances, the problems that persist on your computer in the normal mode do not appear on the safe mode run. This clearly refers that something wrong with the settings or the basic drivers causing the issue in the computer. You can eliminate the issue by restoring the default settings and reversing any driver change that has recently occurred.

Safe Mode can help you check for the software that causes harm to your system. You can do the elimination process just to get to the root cause of the computer issue using the safe mode option. Start using all the software that you usually use through your workings and see if they cause an error. If they don’t, you can move on to the next ones, while the ones do cause the issue might be the possible reason for your computer problem. Safe mode also enables you to solve the problem or get rid of the software causing error.

Tools to be used in Safe Mode

You can use a number of recovery tools in order to repair your computer and get it back to the normal state. The most important of them is the System Recovery tool that lists in the System Tools. You can restore your system to a previous date when the system was in fine tone and working perfectly.

Device manager is another of the essential tools that can help you update device drivers and get your system working perfectly in fine tone after any alien change.