Podcast is like a visual or musical presentation of any topic which is freely available on the Internet and can be viewed by anyone who wants view music itinerary. A very good example of podcasting websites is YouTube and such other sites which offer to stream your video or advertisement to thousands of Internet users without taking any cost.

To start a visual podcast you can subscribe on the YouTube website and prepare an account on the website through which you can share the videos and get the url of the podcast.

Podcast should be such that it should describe the whole title of the topic and the motive of the topic selected.

Use video editing tools such as Camtasia Video editor or any other video editing software that is available to you.


  • Use a smart presentation from the beginning to the end of the video i.e. tries to use comments as much as possible.
  • Use animations and cliparts to add an effect in the presentation.
  • You can also use professional services for designing your podcast.
  • Use a good music combination with your visual podcast. You can also use a voice in place of music or you can use a combination of both to give your podcast really interesting. Live comments on the track attract the attention of the listeners most.
  • While making your podcast make sure you are using the e-material that is copyrighted to you for there are certain restrictions for these kinds of activities in some countries and you could face legal actions.
  • Use of podcast embed link is convenient and than url because of the fact that in prior case the video can be streamed directly from your website or blog  in contrast to the watching the video on the host website from shared url.


  • Once you are registered on the YouTube website. You can open account on YouTube by signing in with Gmail account username and password also.
  • You will be shown a webpage that will show the status of your account.
  • You can upload your podcast by clicking the “upload” on the top of your accounts webpage.
  • There are certain restrictions that are imposed while you upload the video in your account. The restrictions are that your file could be maximum of resolution of HD, can be up to 2GB in size, can be maximum 10 minutes in length.
  • You could use a variety of formats of videos which you can upload on YouTube so you do not have to worry for the conversion of the format of the video to upload. I have given some names of formats that are accepted to be uploaded and streamed.
  • While your podcast is being uploaded you can change the title, description, tags, category, privacy (whether the podcast be public or private). Once you have changed the contents click on the save button. Don’t worry about the uploading podcast.
  • One the podcast is uploaded a url and embed link is shown in the lower side of the uploading window.
  • You can place the url in your website where you want to update your users about the new video. You can also use the embed link to import the live streaming onto your website or blog.

In this way one can create a podcast and share it on the Internet so everybody (private podcast also) could see it with the help of streaming services from the host website.