Designed and created by Craig Newman, Craigslist is a free website that allows you to post your ads on the web. It’s been several years since the launch of the website, but it still attracts millions of viewers every single day. However, when you post your ads on the website, it gets extremely easy to fall prey to the tricks of various scammers look forward to finding naïve victims. Hence, it gets essential that you be very cautious when conducting business on Craigslist, especially when making business transactions. It is highly imperative when performing business at Craigslist that you personally ensure that all the requirements and safety measures perfectly satisfied for a safe business. Here is a list of various important safety points that you should consider when performing a business on Craigslist.

1. Always keep yourself updated with the latest items in the market, especially about the low prices of products which may command higher rates in the near future. Never let your greed overtake your business mind and common sense. Consider all essential points related to the deal. If all the points seem fine and profitable, only then give thumbs up to the deal. However, there are several new innocent people who fall a victim to the smart tricks of various fraudsters.

2. One primary rule when conducting business or advertising your services on Craigslist is that you should never provide your residential address. Always add your cell phone number or email address that you use to stay in contact with people. This will help you to screen all your business calls and contact only those people who interest you. If possible, you should sign in a new account for Craigslist business purposes. This will help you protect your identity and avoid spam mails.

3. Inquire about the items that you are interested in. If the item is offered at very low rates, make sure that you inquire seller as to why the product is being sold at such low rates. Try understanding their answers and if at any time you feel that the reasons are absurd or are confusing then think over again about your decision to continue your business with them. The reasons should be strong, transparent and not tricky.

4. Once you are assured about the liability of the deal, plan to meet the seller or the buyer personally over a coffee for a meeting. You can always bring along your business partner or colleague to the meeting. Also, make sure that you hold the meeting during the day time and not during the evening time. If you are sure enough that the deal will kick off then you should make the arrangements for the transportation the product.

5. When dealing with a business transaction, always have partner whom you consult for every step you take. This will only help you boost your mental strength and confidence in managing a business. Always meet the dealer in commercial places. Avoid inviting them to your home and make sure that your transactions are made in cash at the scheduled day and time. Also keep a record or proof of all the transactions that you have made.