With the internet world propagating at faster pace, it is very difficult to get ourselves estranged from a computer and the fantastic internet world. But as we know this internet world also certain malicious sources which can be very harmful to our computers. Thus, we found Anti-virus software as a best remedy to fight against it, but how about when you download and install these anti-virus programs your computer get fault stricken?  Yes, the stark reality is that many computer users are nowadays fooled with “Anti-virus” pop-ups saying it is either a substitute to anti-virus program or to its utilities. These pop-ups are so frequent that at least once the user heeds an attention towards them, gets caught in its trap. Sometimes we are given such attractive offers in these pop-ups that we even end up purchasing them, which then becomes inept for us. These pop-ups cycle is endless and interrupts the performance of your computer which is very frustrating.

Is there any way out with this problem? Fortunately there is.

Step one

Start your system in safe mode. You have to choose the option of “Safe mode with networking” in order to avail internet in the safe mode option. You can prompt to safe mode, simple pressing the “F8” on your keyboard during the windows start up.

Step two

Log on to Internet using your web browser and download “Rkill” software from http://download.bleepingcomputer.com/grinler/rkill.com and it is available for free. This Rkill software will actually prevent pop-ups and will terminate the effect of virus on other programs and thus enable you to un-install the virus software from you PC.

Step three

Immediately after the download, start the Rkill software by double-clicking on it. However, wait patiently until the program starts and because it puts up in MS DOS box. The time consumed by the work should not become an element of worry because the Rkill then perform its work. You will have to wait a minute or two lets say. Then the MS DOS box closes.

Step four

Now access the Internet and download reputed anti-virus software from an authentic website like http://www.filehippo.com where you can find softwares like AVG free edition which is authentic free software. If you will access the above mentioned website, then forget that you will be deluded by fake anti-virus software. Moreover, bear in mind many anti-virus softwares are developed just to spoil the two top selling program like McAfee and Norton.  Once you download the AVG free edition, all you will have to do is to install the latter in your PC, which is quite easy job to do.

Step five

After you have the AVG free edition installed in you system. Double-click on its icon and a dialogue box will appear. Choose the “scan my computer” option and thus scan for the computer for any malicious program on your PC.

Step six

Once the scanning is done a list of threats will be highlighted. With these threat you can take appropriate action as guide by your software. Thus, in this the irritating anti-virus pop-ups will be trashed.

Nevertheless, annoying Anti-virus pop-ups can be put behind bars by following some simple steps as mentioned above.