In the recent times there have been so many virus attacks on global internet community and most of them spread through email and in other words through web browsers. A web browser is the application which allows users to access the internet and website and the same way is also exposes internet users to huge amount of threats and virus infections. This is the only open place which let anything come into user’s computer. For this same reasons antivirus and security applications has in-built firewalls to protect your computer from the outer threats. It blocks unwanted access to your computer and also does not let any hacker to access your system and data.

Now-a-days, almost every web browser scans the data when you try to download anything from internet and even from your personal email account. It provides the added security to computers and networks and does not allow users to download any harmful data by mistake. Mozilla Firefox also perform security scan for any incoming data but this process burden the computer more if you already have any third party firewall installed on your computer. The same process is preformed twice which consumes the system resources and it also slows down the system performance at time. It is not necessary to let web browser perform security scan if you already have an antivirus application installed and you can disable the web browser security scan.

Here are the steps to stop an Antivirus scan in Firefox:


Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser either from Desktop shortcut or from the Start Menu program list. Now take the mouse cursor to the address bar where website names are typed or appeared.


Now in the address bar, you need to type the command “about:config” and then press the enter the key from the keyboard.


Wait for a while until the webpage is loaded. Now on the screen, you need to click on the option ‘I’ll be careful, I promise!’ at the side of “This might void your warranty!” page.


Now you need to either type of copy/paste the link “”This might void your warranty!” page” in the ‘Filter’ section. You do not have to use the quotation marks.


At this stage, you will see the settings appeared on the pane below where you need to double click to apply or launch the settings. If you select “true” option, it will change the font into bold which denotes that the browser antivirus scan is turned off.


Now the desired setting is saved and you can exit from the browser by closing the application.

However, the browser antivirus scan settings are useful but users have to decide according to their own choice. It can automate the scan whenever you try to download anything from Firefox browser, but it does not scan for any other browser.