If you ever suspect and encounter an unfamiliar file from your hard disk with a name of DRWTSN32.exe, either it is a certified program from Microsoft Corporation or a malware that gotten into the subfolders of your hard disk. The file DRWTSN32 means Dr. Watson postmortem debugger. The DRWTSN32 is a program error debugger which is automatically constructed in the Windows system. This file is usually located at the C:\Window\System32 folder in your hard disk.

The DRWTSN32 is liable for collecting debugging data when a program or application encounters an error. The data that are collected by the DRWTSN32 will then be used by a specific technical support group to identify the primary program error. DRWTSN32 is not exceptionally important in running Windows but it may cause serious problems and system errors.

After locating the fake DRWTSN32, you can now get rid of it by following simple steps.

  1. You have to open your Windows explorer or in mostly used term My Computer. Make use of the Search tool to locate different files named DRWTSN32. Remember that the common file location of the real DRWTSN32 is in C:\Windows\System32 so this means other files which are not in this folder are probably unwanted malwares.
  2. The next step is to delete the identified malwares from the different locations of your hard disk. After deleting the malwares, you should run a complete virus scan of all your hard disks. If the scanner identifies any infection, threat, or virus, delete the files immediately.

Here are some of important points to remember when trying to delete DRWTSN32.

  • Remember that you must only delete a file if it is a source of problems in the system.
  • You have to take note that deleting the DRWTSN32 may cause serious system errors and it may lead to malfunctioning of the system.
  1. You also have to keep in mind that DRWTSN32 is a program readily built by Microsoft Corp. to operate in most Windows OS. If they automatically built it in with the OS, this mean DRWTSN32 plays an important role in maintain the system.
  2. You have to remember that you should thoroughly check your computer for the actual cause of problems you encounter before deciding to delete the file.
  3. Finally, you have to conduct thorough scanning of your hard disks to make sure that no malwares or viruses are stored in your computer. You also have to regularly perform maintenance check up for your computer to make sure that your hard disks are healthy and they don’t serve as a haunt for terrible malwares and viruses.

There are other DRWTSN32 that are not genuine, though. Malware could take the name of the DRWTSN32 and disguise itself as the program and it is usually found in subfolders from the hard disk. It is important to identify the real location of the real DRWTSN32 so that you could remove the disguised malware from other folders. The steps above are there for you to avoid deleting the real DRWTSN32 and creating more system errors.