Messages that are simply passed out from one recipient to the others are usually termed as Chain text messages. Passing on chain text messages through the source of traditional letters written in ink, simple text messages or even through the source of emails, all these chain messages have a special distinctive identifiable element which makes the recipient forward it to a list of other people. In order to make a chain message effective, it should surely include a condition for the receiver along with the simple text that must be satisfied for enjoying the benefits and consequently avoid the depressing result. It is due to this structure that these chain messages are passed out all across the world in the various forms, especially in the form of emails.

You must have received such e-mails that guarantee to fulfill your wishes if you pass them to a number of people. On the contrary, if you don’t pass them over, they threat you of bringing bad luck for a long time. Well, sadly most of these messages include useless content that are extremely annoying. So, if you wish to block these messages from coming, follow the given tips to get rid of them.

1. Win over your fear: It is extremely essential that you understand the main purpose of these messages. They are simple messages like others and can’t harm people or bring luck to anyone. No person till date had died because he or she didn’t pass the message further. Nor has anyone won a lottery after passing it out to hundreds of other people. Well, you can simply delete these messages and then continue with your life. It is true that people do die in the world, but only due to health reasons or accidents. Hence, you should get over the fear of facing the grieve consequences included in the chain message.

2. Make effort and follow your dreams: Chain messages are just simple messages and don’t bring any good luck to people. You should learn to put in all your efforts in achieving your dreams. Work hard and find innovative methods to enhance your efforts and thus make your dream come true. This is the only way to achieve good fortune and luck for your life. However, you should also work harmoniously with your colleagues and seniors to strengthen your roots at work.

3. Learn to say no to such beliefs: In case you receive such chain messages, simply learn to delete them without giving them a second thought. As a reply, you can also send a kind letter to the sender for letting them know that you are not interested in such useless messages and hence you would not like to receive such messages in the future. If the sender still continues to send you such messages, send him or her a second reply in a firmer language expressing your thoughts about such messages. As an option, you can also add the sender’s email address into your spam mail filter and also inform the sender about your extreme step.