The iPod is one of the most popular handy gadgets developed by Apple for its coolest available features with Apple iPod. A lot of people use it to gain music, video entertainment, store files and many more. Due to these options, synchronizing iPod with the personal computer is essential, especially if you want to get the maximum use from your lovely iPod.

However, if you plug your iPod into a computer which runs with windows 7 operating systems, you will get auto play pop ups. Some people find this as a useful feature, mainly as it can ease your iPod synchronizing work. On the contrary, some people think it as a horrible disturbance for your work. Anyway, if you want to disable these iPod auto play pop-ups you can do it with few simple steps.

Disabling the iPod auto play pop-ups

Step 01

Click on the start menu and type “Auto play” in the search box. And press enter.

Step 02

Scroll the results down until you find iPod name.

Step 03

Select “No action” from the drop down list

Once you complete the above mentioned 3rd step, you are free to plug your iPod to your PC without any hesitation, and it will not prompt you any pop-ups. So, this is a very good opportunity to the people who think these pop-ups as a hassle to their day to day work.

However, after disabling the popup still you can play and synchronize with iPod manually, and it may take some more extra time than proceeding with the auto play. Therefore, you need to decide whether to disable pop-ups or not. The final decision is always with you and you need to do the needful wisely to make you personal computer much convenient to your day to day work. Otherwise you may feed up with your personal computer very soon.

Enabling The Auto Play Feature

Again, if you want to enable this auto play feature, then you can do the same by following the above mentioned simple steps. So, it will make you very much comfortable with your Microsoft windows 7 customization features, and you can use whatever the best according to your own requirements.  Furthermore, if you are running windows 7 in a computer which is slow, disabling this auto play feature can make your PC to work fast. The reason is with the disabled auto play feature, the system will not try to search and suggest necessary actions according to the content located in your movable device, i.e. iPod. So you can easily plug and unplug your iPod to your personal computer without affecting your regular work.

Finally, disabling or enabling this feature is up to you, and you should decide what is best for your computer’s performance. With these features, you will not regret about your computer’s performance as you can easily configure the settings to get the best from your computer. So you can save the money which you have to spend on computer upgrades to make the performance and the speed stable. Therefore, windows 7 will not be a hassle for your pocket.