To most people, the msiexec.exe is known as a virus or malware. The reason it is mistaken is because it is not a common file when you run the task manager. However, the unfamiliar look of the file does not make it a virus or malware, Trojan or any other thing that might hurt your computer. The file is seen in the task manager while you install a new program because it is an executable file that helps to install the new program. Instead of being a harmful file for your computer, the msiexec.exe does some important jobs for the operating system.

Deleting the file may cause some problems to your computer. It may stop or hang the computer or even crash the operating system, if you do so. The file starts running while you start installing an application. The file works through the installation process and ends after it finishes. However, the file can be auto opened when you start the computer. The file takes a lot of the system resource and can cause slow speed. To avoid this problem and to stop msiexec.exe, you can use the following tips:

Disable System Restore

You can try disabling the System Restore for a short time. This will prevent the msiexec.exe file from starting automatically. To close the System Restore function you have to follow these steps: My computer> properties>system properties> system restore. You have to select the “Turn off System Restore” option and click “Ok” to exit.

Disable msiexec.exe from Windows Task Manager

You can also disable the msiexec.exe file from the Windows Task Manager. You can open the task manager window by pressing “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” from your keyboard. Under the “Processes” tab, you will find the msiexec.exe. You have to select the file and click on “End Process” at the bottom of the window. This will close the file and you will get your normal PC speed.

Shut down DOS mode command

You can close the file from the DOS mode command. You can open the command window from the “Accessories” in the start menu or type “msconfig” in the run of the start menu. There will be a services tab and you have to find the msiexec.exe file. You can disable the file and reboot your computer.

Disable msiexec.exe from Service Folder

You can disable the msiexec.exe file from the Service folder. To go to this folder, you have to type “services.msc” in the “run” and hit enter. This will open the Service folder. The Service folder contains all the settings and configurations of the computer. Here you will find the file “Microsoft Installer” if you scroll down the folder. After finding the file, you have to open the “Properties” by right clicking the file. This will open a new window and you have to find the “Startup-type” option. This is a dropdown menu and you have to select either “Manual” or “Disable” from the menu. Then you can click on apply>Ok to exit from the window.

The msiexec.exe is a system file; even though it takes a lot of recourse. There is no security risk with the file except that it slows down the computer. Removing the file permanently is not a good idea and you must never try to do that. You must reactivate the System Restore feature after disabling the file.