Applications and programs that automatically start with your windows boot-up are known as start up items. Messenger services, antivirus software, download managers or media programs are some of the startup items that you will find on your computer. In order to increase the operational performance of your computer, it might be necessary to disable some of these startup programs. Especially, some antivirus software can slow down the operating system to such an extent that it will be preferable to disable start up options.

When you install Norton Antivirus in your computer, by default it is set to load on startup, and can slow down your system. To disable Norton Antivirus and speed up your system, you need to follow the following steps:

Reboot in safe mode

The first and most important step is to reboot your operating system in safe mood. This will make sure that Norton Antivirus will remain disabled when you reboot your computer. The other benefit of operating the system in safe mood is that, it will help you to avoid activating spywares and other viruses. Spywares and viruses might cause a problem when you effectively disable Norton Antivirus from the startup. To reboot in the safe mode, go to the start menu and select “run”. Type “msconfig” on the appeared dialog box and press enter. This will open a window on the screen which is called msconfig window. In this window, go to the “boot” tab and check the “safeboot” box. Click “Apply” and then close the window. A system reboot option will be soon appeared on the screen, click “yes”.

Disable Norton Through the msconfig window

When your system starts on same mode, again go to the run dialog box by clicking the “start” on your desktop. In the appeared dialogue box type “msconfig” once again. When the msconfig window opens, go to the “startup” tab. A list of different programs and application will be available there. Those programs are your startup items. Scroll up/down and look for the “Norton Antivirus” program. Once you find the desired name from the list, uncheck the box and click “apply”. After clicking “ok” or “apply” you will be next asked for rebooting your computer. Do not press ‘yes’ because your system is not ready. You need to configure the “boot” tab first before reboot the system.

Disable Norton through Norton Antivirus

This is another way of disabling Norton startup which is through the application itself. Go to the option menu of your Norton Antivirus program. A menu will appear from which you can select Norton Antivirus. Go to Miscellaneous. From this window, uncheck the box “Scan system files at startup” and then click “Ok”. This will prevent the automatic scan of your computer on windows startup.

Reboot your computer in normal Mode

When you are done with disabling Norton Antivirus startup scan, the next and final step is to configure your boot option. You should follow the steps said already and go to the msconfig window again. Go to the “boot” tab and uncheck the box next to safeboot . Click “apply” and close the window. Once you close the window, the prompt will ask you to reboot the system, select “yes”. The computer will restart on its normal setting and will follow this setting unless you make any further changes.