You can chose to share or not to share your Skype profile with other users. Your profile would usually contain a lot of information that you do not want to expose to every other Skype user. You may need to reveal some basic entries about yourself to others, but would not want all your information easily accessed by every and any other user. There are even some personal information that you may not chose to share with friends on the Skype network. To solve this problem, simply stop others from viewing your Skype profile. It is quite easy to do and you do not have to be a computer guru nor do you need a college diploma. Simply follow these simple steps.


First you need to create a new account and then log on to it. If you already have an old account, simply log on with your user name and password. You have to be logged unto your account to be able to effect the needed changes.

The next step is to edit your present profile that others can presently see. To do these, simply click on File and then click on Edit My Profile. The list of profile information that you are presently sharing with others would be displayed. Now you need to edit your profile and delete all personal information that you do not wish to share. Simply leave those spaces blank and delete the information already there. Your email is already hidden from others by Skype so you need not bother about deleting your email address.

The profile edit section offers you the option to select what information you want to share and those you want private. Any information that you wish to share with other Skype users should be inputted in the profile, while private sections should be left blank. You can also set some profile details to Private to restrict others from viewing it. Sections set to Private can only be viewed by you and are hidden from other users.

Updating Profile

After you have finished making changes, be sure to click on Update Profile for it to take effect. Updating your profile will save all the changes made and the saved profile will now be the one viewed by other users. Once your profile has been updated you can go back to using and enjoying Skype being sure that your private data is no longer exposed.

As you must have noticed, stopping other Skype users from viewing your information is so easy to do following the steps mentioned above. The steps are quite easy and simple to follow that anyone can do them easily in no time. You can also easily decide to change your profile any time you wish and add or remove information to share with others by simply following the steps again. This time you simply add or change information on the spaces you previously left blank. At the end you click on Update Profile again and have the new profile saved again.