Firewalls are very important computer security components. They help protect from external threats that may attack or infiltrate the computer from the Internet. Most routers and modem already come with a firewall Netgear routers also usually come equipped with firewalls to provide extra protection for computer applications, but there are times when the firewall may hinder the user from carrying out some activities properly on the Internet. Some sites may be inaccessible because they are automatically blocked by the Netgear firewall. For this and other reasons it is sometimes necessary to stop Netgear firewall. Here are simple steps that you can follow to stop Netgear firewall.

Step One

You will need to first open yourInternet browser, which includes Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browser on your computer. Next you need to access the navigation text box and key in the IP address of your router. The default Netgear IP addresses are or depending on the particular Netgear router that you have. You need to type in the appropriate Ip address of the router in the navigation text box and then press Enter.

Step Two

Once, the router’s IP address has been properly keyed in, a prompt will ask for your password and username. You need to type in this information to gain access to the”configuration console”. The default username is usually “admin” while the default password is usually password. After putting in this information, you again press Enter.

Step Three

At this point, the router Netgear menu would be displayed and then you need to click the tab labeled “Security”, after which you will again need to click on “Rules”. This is also sometimes displayed as “Firewall Rules”, which you will have to click and after that click on the “Add” option. The Add option is the rule concerning inbound traffic.

Step Four

Next you will need to input the term “Any” on the section labeled “Inbound Services”. An “Action” drop down box will appear on which you will need to select “Allow always” and then click on “Enabled” to enable it. This will save the new firewall rule settings that you just entered. Some Netgear router models will require that you click on a Save button to save the changes you made. Once completed and after closing your browser, the Netgear Firewall is disabled from your router.

These are the simple steps to stop the firewall on the Netgear router. The above mentioned steps and process may differ slightly depending on the model of router being used. Turning off the firewall does not totally prevent it from providing security. Disabling the firewall will however stop the firewall from preventing access to the Internet and would also disable the security function.

Since the user has the right to decide what to do on the Internet, they reserve the right to disable the firewall to maximizeInternet browsing pleasure. It may sometimes be necessary to consult with an expert or to visit the Netgear website to get more information on how to safely turn off your firewall.