Often people wonder when they see a startup black screen shown once the windows vista has been completed its loading part. Do you people still wonder as to what is this black screen all about? How to remove this screen? The cursor is seen after 10 -15 minutes well this feature is known as TMM and today I will show you the steps as to how to remove this step and start your computer a bit faster. Vista actually goes in for hibernation once the computer starts up and this hibernation is very difficult to remove and is not good for our computer friend. This has to be removed any how to enable fast working of the computer. Here are certain steps and one should follow it in a proper way to avoid any interruption.

Vista orb is present in the start menu option and one should click on this option. After this, click on the “Computer” option on the right hand side. Once you click the “Computer” icon, there will be a pop up for menu. Select on the “Manage” option. After waiting for few seconds, an option for “Computer Management” will appear. Now you should navigate to the left side of the program. The neat procedure which one should follow is to move on or click the “Task Scheduler Library” and after that move on to the small arrow given next to the “Microsoft”. Do this until one move to the “Window” folder. Finishing this task move on to the small arrow next it and a list of long folders will appear. The last and the most important step are to click on the “Mobile PC” folder. After doing this now in the middle of the programme right click on the given name ”TMM” and then click End. Once you are done with this job, right click again and click disable. Doing this will stop the TMM feature completely.

This indeed is a very simple and easy way of doing and removing the TMM feature which is actually used for multiuser works. Well this is a problem for SP1 and SP2 users as well. There are different ways of removing it. One will find that the Autocheck.exe stops responding on and the system become unusable. This automat zed extension works for every computer in the system boot up process. The black screen of vista is indeed a huge problem because it ultimately slows down the machine and disturbs many applications to work properly. Therefore, it is the urgency of the time and for the people who uses vista to initially remove the black screen and then proceed with the work. Otherwise vista is a complete package for the users and especially for the one who wants to do any work on video and audio series.