A large number of people want to see their programs run on Windows Media Player but this creates a problem when due to default settings, it automatically opens. This creates a problem when you desire to use another media player.

Simple Instructions to prevent Windows Media Player from opening by default

It is not mandatory to always use Windows Media Player to run your media files. Anybody can change the default settings and stop it from opening. Below are some simple guidelines that are helpful in providing a complete solution to this problem:

1. Go to the start menu and choose “All Programs” and after that click on Windows Media Player.
2. Now go to the Tools drop down menu. It is located on top of the screen.
3. Select “Options” and then click on the dialog box, where you can select the “File Types” tab. Once you select the file type, you will notice several kinds of files which Windows Media Player can play.
4. Here you will see different kinds of files and you can select the type you want the Media Player not to play by default.

These files consist of:

• Windows Media Audio
• Microsoft Recorded TV Show
• Windows Media
• AIFF audio
• Windows Media Video
• Music CD Playback
• MP3 audio
• Windows video
• Movie
• Windows audio

After all this you need to identify which of the above you want. For further help, read the file description and under this, you will find the corresponding file extensions. If you select a diverse player, Windows Media Player will not be able to run that file.

Once you choose the player of your choice, check out the box you wish Windows Media Player not to play and then select the “Apply” button. Now shut the dialog box by clicking Ok.

Having completed the above mentioned process, you can run the program for a trial. You can run a media folder to check whether you succeeded in your mission or whether you have something left. If you are successful, you will see the default performer and not the Windows Media Player!

You can try different methods to Prevent Windows Media Player from Opening.
The above mentioned method has been very successful and if you are not happy with it, you may try the following process:

• Select “My Computer”.
• Right click on the DVD or CD drive.
• Select “Properties” from the descending menu.
• Now click on the Autoplay tab.
• From the Actions menu, select the file type and then click on “Select an act to perform” and then select “Take no action”.
• Next, select another file type and keep selecting an action unless you stop seeing Windows Media Player as the default player.
• Now select the Apply button and click Ok to wrap up the process.

If you follow the guidelines mentioned here, you will not have any problems with Windows Media Player in the future. The above mentioned steps are simple and can be easily implemented!