For those who do not know what a Sony PSP is, it is actually a kind of portable gaming device that is considered as one of today’s technological sensation. It is capable of consoling virtually any type of media.

A Sony PSP is capable of storing:

  • The most technologically demanding video games,
  • Music,
  • Video, and
  • Other kinds of media files as well.
  • It also has wireless capabilities, which allow you to play with it anywhere you like, even if you are mobile.

You can watch and re-watch the videos you saved on your PSP’s memory stick. Also, if you want to check out some new pictures on the Internet, you can easily connect to the World Wide Web by connecting to a particular wireless network.

Here are a few steps on how you can store movies as well as access the Internet on your very own Sony PSP.

In storing the movies you want to watch and re-watch anytime you like:

  1. You need to place your memory stick on your PSP. There is a memory card port on the left portion of your PSP, and this is the area where your memory card needs to be inserted into.
  2. For you to be able to access the memory card, you need to turn on your Sony PSP. Once you are able to do so, the first thing you need to do is to format the card in order to clear the memory. It is also your responsibility to create the necessary folders for storing your videos or other kinds of files.
  3. Now, you need to connect your PSP to your computer’s USB port. Just secure the PSP’s USB cable to the port. The computer will automatically read the Sony PSP as a flash drive or a storage device.
  4. Clicking on the My Computer icon will help you access the PSP’s main drive. But, if the auto-run is ongoing, then the PSP’s drive will directly open immediately.
  5. You can now access the movie files, if ever you have saved some already. Open the folder that contains all of the files that you want to transfer to the PSP. Just right click the file and click the Copy choice on the list. Afterwards, you need to select the destination and choose your PSP’s drive on the memory stick. Simply click the Paste command for the movies folder. If you find the recently mentioned instruction a bit confusing, there is a much easier way for copying your movie files. You can easily drag the icons of the files to the PSP folder where you want your movies to be saved.
  6. Once everything is done, you need to remove the hardware before you start to unplug the PSP from the computer. Just click on the Safely Remove command at the bottom right corner of your monitor.

In accessing the World Wide Web:

  1. Of course, you need to turn on your PSP and ensure that you have adequate battery life. Because, if you do not, then you will end up suddenly disconnecting due to the interrupted power source.
  2. There is a built-in adapter for wireless networks that can be found at the PSP’s side. This detects all of the PSPs that are in close range. Afterwards, you need to change the network settings by clicking the Settings command on the pop-up menu that comes out on your PSP. Select Network settings and then press the X button.
  3. You can now make your Internet connection. Click the Infrastructure Mode. After you do so, simply click the X option. Choose the New Connection command from the list of options that you can easily find and the PSP will automatically search for any wireless networks that are in your area. However, if you know the name of the network you want to sign on to, then make things easier for yourself and simply enter the name. Once you find it, connect to tit and confirm that it is truly the one you are trying to connect to. Just select the network and then enter the pass key that is required.
  4. Type and IP address in the Address Settings command. Here, you will be asked to enter the exact name of the wireless network you are using. Now, if you are interested in testing whether or not your PSP is capable of connecting to the Internet portably, then choose the command labeled Test Connection.