The data which you keep in your computers is very important and in order to guarantee the protection of your data you should always back up your files and important documents. With the help of regular backups, the chances of the loss of the important files and documents are greatly reduced and you would be able to have them with you all the time. The backup of the files can be done automatically or you can also do the backup manually at any time.

Backup your files

For the backup of your files and other important documents open the backup and restore by clicking on the start menu then click on control panel then system and maintenance and after this click on backup and restore.

If you have never used the Windows backup previously then click on set up backup then after this follow all the steps that are shown in the wizard. In case your operating system asks for the administrator password then you type in the password and then proceed with rest of the steps. If previously you have created the backup and you can wait for the regular scheduled backup that are set for your computer or can create one new backup in the manual manner with the help of clicking on back up now. Type in the password or do the confirmation if you are prompted to do so.

Important things to note

It is recommended that you must not do the backup of your files on the same had disk on which you have installed your Windows. The media such as the DVDs, external hard disks or the CDs should be used for storing the backup files. The media should be placed in some safe place and must be prevented from the unauthorized people so that they should not be able to access your files. A fireproof location is the perfect one for storing these files and it should be separate from your computer. You can also encrypt the data which is stored on the backup storage media.

Create a new and full backup of your files

After first backup has been created then Windows Backup will add new or changed info to all of your subsequent backups. If your backup files are stored on the hard drive or the network location then the windows backup would create one new and full backup of your files in the automatic manner when there comes a need for this. If these backup files are stored on the DVDs or the CDs and the existing backup disc cannot be found or if you want to make a new back up of all the files on your computer then you can create a full backup.

Creating a full backup of your files is easy and can be done by anyone. Open the backup and restore with the help of clicking on Start button and then control panel. After this, click on system and maintenance then on backup and restore. Click on create new, full backup which is present in the left pane.