Everybody has heard about media streaming. Every time you go online and listen to song or watch a movie without saving it in your computer the term is known as media streaming. In technical terms, the transference of a multimedia data constantly received by an end-user is called media streaming. All these devices like television, radio or cellular phone use this term but in the world of internet it is widely used. Talking about the other device, beside computer, people don’t think of streaming but when we talk about computer or internet, we have a general and a described form of media streaming. Watch movies or listening to the songs stored in the computer situated in the computer using any other device. Some think that one is mad or other might think that it is impossible but it is not. You can make your songs and other media files available to any network supporting device and view them in other room away from the computer.

Things to remember

Window media player is unique software for all our media problems. As in all other regards, it also gives a unique option of media streaming. What is the device you want to stream from the computer? Whatever the device is it must have some network feature to connect it to the PC. Mainly it is related with computer networking to connect the device with help of routers, hubs and switches. If you have already had a connected device then it is easy to workout. You can hire someone to do the job that is professional in the field.

Windows media player settings

Confirm that whether the device is connected to network. If yes then go and open the window media player. Click on the library button under the titlebar. Then click media sharing. If you cannot locate the option there so go to the tools menu in the menubar. There click on the option menu. In that window see the tab named library in there a window will open with the title of media sharing. In the sharing setting box check on the “share my media”. In the list below check on the “share my media to” and then select the device you want to stream. And this is done.

Supporting devices

If you are using a TV for streaming, you can watch the video or listen to the music or can do many more things depending upon the device capability. You can connect the computer to any media supporting device like a DVD player, XBOX 360, Play Station 3 or any other such device.

Streaming devices on from your computer to any media devices is a very unbelievable experience. You can listen to your songs, watch movie stored in the computer, and you do many other thing like to watch movie if this service is available in the computer. This option is usually made for those teenagers who are fond of music and want to hear it all the time.