An email application which also has slices of a Contact Manager, task manager, note taking, web browsing, journal and a task manager. This application is popularly known as Microsoft Outlook. It comes with MS Office and also a separate application. Mainly MS Outlook is personal information manager and its latest release is the new Microsoft Outlook 2010. One can use MS outlook to exchange folders and can work as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Microsoft Exchange Server for numerous users’ in a firm or a company.

At its basic level MS Outlook it helps one create a list of items related to your task. The outstanding feature of MS Outlook that keeps one abode is its task features. It helps one to organise the task; at the same time aids you by allowing you complete your task before the deadline.

Way one

MS Outlook allows you to find the tasks and also facilitates to view the current status of your task. To glance at your status instantly you need to choose a view that is appropriate in lieu of the task. You can give certain priority to the items. The items status can be left “incomplete” or can be marked as the most “critical” one. If your needs to be done first you can give a task option to it. Moreover, items can also be sorted according to the name of client or project. Such kind of options related to the task help you complete your task accordingly and with in time and thus, enhances the efficiency of your work.

Way two

MS Outlook has another feature which helps the user to keep a track of all the tasks. With the help of To Do bar, one can setup to display the list of tasks, reminders of appointment and calendar at your glance.

Way three

Sometime for a business official, a bundle of meetings and appointments becomes quite chaotic to remember. It also becomes difficult to keep a track of time spent for completing the task. So as to avoid a chaos in your head one can make use of sticky notes of MS Outlook. This allows you to easily retrieve the information and have it in your hand whenever urgently required.

Way four

Microsoft OneNote can be used to enhance the efficiency of the productivity and thus, allows you to save time. It helps you maintain a track of your meeting detail, images can be saved, important text can be inscribed and meeting’s layout can be carved. By a mere click or two one can easily create MS Outlook’s task using the MS OneNote.

Way five

MS Outlook also helps you to perform your team work very efficiently. One can keep a track team’s progress and also allows helps you know what task you’ve assigned to each.

Way Six

With the help MS Outlook you can keep your boss content. With the help of Outlook you can send the report of your current periodically to your boss. Thus, helps your boss know how well organized you’re and how efficiently you perform your tasks.