iPhone is one of those wonderful creations of Apple which has given a great boost in the share value of Apple. Despite of lot many multimedia enabled touch phones, apple had been exceptionally creative to bring iphones.iphones had a lot to offer and since the year 2007, the iphones are continuously making spaces in every nation. Loaded with all the latest advantages, it has also to offer a connectivity of wifi, Bluetooth, gps, hsdpa.Breifly it had everything that a user looks forward in a phone. Beside the premium cost quotient every feature was attractive and unique. Moreover the outlook or google calendar’s can be synchronized with the iphone to be up to date with schedules and tasks. If you own an apple iphone and looking forward to make the feature work follow the below steps.

To get outlook calendar sync with the iphone

1.Open Itune to check the version
2.Connect the cable between your iphone and computer
3.Configure the settings to synchronize

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Open Itune to check the version

The first step requires the checking of the application itune.It must be the most updated version and to confirm that click on help and check for updates.

Connect the cable between your iphone and computer

The cable which came along with the iphone must be connected between the iphone and the PC.Following which click on iphone and itab.

Configure the settings to synchronize

To make the devices synchronize, click on the sync outlook calendar option and apply .the iphone would get in sync with the outlook calendar and help you in getting your schedules up to date.

To get google calendar in sync with the iphone

1.Sign in to google account and open google calendar
2.Set the settings in google calendar
3.Open ical to configure
4.Configure the settings of ical to let it synchronize with the iphone

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Sign in to google account and open google calendar

The primary step is to log on to the google account and go ahead with google calendar. Click on the option which says share the calendar.

Set the settings in google calendar

There are few settings that needs to be set on the google calendar to ensure it configures with the iphone.Under the calendar details click on the private address and go to the green icon named as ICAL which then gets an address that is absolutely confidential and must not be shared with anyone. get the note of the URL.

Open ical to configure

The nest step is to configure the itune program of the iphone.click on the itune and go to calendar, under the subscribe section paste the URL noted.

Configure the settings of ical to let it synchronize with the iphone

The next window would ask for few information’s like the name and desription.check on all the items you would like to use and set the auto refresh so that both iphone and google calendar could pace up together. And apply the change by clicking OK.The iphone is set to get along google calendar.

The comprehensive discussion of synchronizing outlook calendar and google calendar with the iphone.