Synchronization is a very useful process to share the data from one device from another. It is used for many work but nowadays teenagers are too much known to it. As window media player has an option to synchronize any device therefore it is widely used for the transference of songs. It backups and copies the songs from the device, ipod etc. It also removes the unneeded songs from the device. It gives an easy and a simple way to shares the song and save them to the computer. Usually people give the priority to the option to automatically synchronize the device to window media player but are unaware from the advantages of synchronizing it manually. This article will teach you how to synchronize the device to computer manually.

Device Connectivity

Connect the device to the computer. If it is a battery operated device check whether it is turned on. The computer will detect the device and show the connectivity. Now open the window media player, remember that the window medial player is 10 or above.

Using Windows Media Player Synchronization

Now go to the synchronize button under the titlebar. If there is not enough space in the device to hold the song in the window media library, a window will come to synchronize the device automatically or manually. Click the manual synchronization. It is just the work. You will get all the songs listed in the right side of the playlist panel. On the uppermost corner you will see the storage space of the device and the available space. Now you can edit the playlist anyway you want. Delete, remove or add any song you which to be there in the device. After the all edition just press the “start sync” button under the list. It will bring the desired changes to your device. Remember to click it or else you will loose the all edited data. Synchronization is a smart process. It will leave out all those songs which you have left unedited. You can drag a one single song or a whole list of song or even a complete album. It will save you time to individually go to a file and select it and then add or remove it to the playlist. You can also view the contents of similarity between the songs like artist, album, genre, and year. As well as you can rate them and can classify them as rated. These all option are present in the right panel of the synchronize window in the window media player. Nevertheless you can even see the time and sequence you have synchronize these songs.

Multiple Device Synchronization

If you are using more than one device you can view the device individually, not like in the automatic synchronization. Each device is listed in the right panel along with the song it contains.

In fact, manual synchronization is more easy and convenient than automatic synchronization because it gives an ease to edit the playlist. It has all the option of the manual synchronization and moreover if you are a regular user of the synchronization option then manual synchronization is useful for you.