The world around each one of us is changing rapidly. People are so busy that even to meet over a coffee with friends, needs a prior appointment. Our minds have so much to remember that often we actually forget important events. In this hustle bustle of life, Google’s Calendar application comes as a saving grace.

About Google Calendar

Google Calendar has been around for years but still many people are unaware about its functions. Many people do not understand its importance, but you have to use it once, it hooks you. This application is designed keeping in mind the ever hectic schedule of people. You just have to download the application on your mobile phones and you can update all kinds of events directly from your mobiles.

For example:

  • Wedding anniversary party at Burmies, 12.30 tomorrow
  • Kylie Minogue concert 6.30 PM on 23 July

You can type these types of messages on your mobile phones and send them to GVENT, to automatically update.

About Microsoft Outlook

Most of us are very comfortable with using Microsoft Outlook. Almost all of our events are updated in Outlook, and people do this not out of a personal choice but it’s the way the computers are formatted. People just blindly continue the default settings on the computers. Google Calendar has an edge over Outlook’s traditional functions. Many people have realized this and wish to change over to Google Calendar but do not know how to synchronize Outlook data with Google Calendar.

Synchronize Outlook data with Google Calendar

Google is a very unique company. All the creations of the company are dynamic and forward looking. Google Calendar is no exception to the legacy. This application has a feature by which you can sync your Microsoft’s Outlook data with the Google Calendar schedules.

Now you can enter an appointment in any of the two applications and it will be automatically get updated in other. You can simply put in a schedule in Outlook and it will automatically reflect in your Google Calendar application too.

Many people keep the use of these two applications for different purposes. For example Outlook calendar for personal appointments and Google Calendar for professional ones. If you are one of those who would not like to share personal appointments with colleagues, but will also like to keep all your appointments at one place, you can do so by applying one way sync. You can choose to update all the Outlook appointments in Calendar but not vice-versa.

Google Calendar sync works best n Windows XP and Vista versions. It requires Outlook 2003 or 2007 version to sync effectively.

Method to Synchronize Outlook data with Google Calendar

By following a very simple procedure you can synchronize the data of Outlook with Calendar. Just follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Download the Google Calendar Sync, which is a freebie from Google.
  • Run this application on your computer.
  • Enter your Gmail or Google account information in it.
  • Select the sync option. You can make a choice to sync the data one way or two ways.
  • You also have to specify the frequency of such updating. The default settings are every two hours.

After doing this procedure your first sync will take some time but subsequent ones will be completed in a jiffy.