Linux is an exciting operating system to work with. You should have good knowledge of Linux if you want to play with it. Linux is not as simple as Windows, so you must learn first to operate it. Today Linux is also getting popularity and most of the computer users prefer Linux due to its safety and reliability. If you have a Blackberry phone and your computer has Linux, and you want to sync the blackberry with the Linux, it is necessary to have complete knowledge of linux before syncing.

Follow the steps given below to sync your blackberry with Linux.


The first step is to get a full backup of the phone data because you may loose the data while synchronization. Now connect the phone to computer’s USB slot.


Now first install the OpenSync program and then install Barry. Read here how to install Barry, run the “configure” file and enter the “enable-opensync-plug-in”. Now switch in the command line window. We recommend you to make sure that you have downloaded version 0.22 of OpenSync. You if you other versions, it might not work well with Barry.


Now you will have to attach the Blackberry Curve to Linux. When you attach the phone to Linux, a warning message will pop up and the message will say that there is not enough power to charge your device. Do not panic and just ignore it and enter the btool command. Now you will have enough current to charge the Blackberry phone. The next step is to view all of your choices, enter the “btool -h” command “. To view the database in Linux, press “—t” command.


Now you will have to check if the GUI application is installed. If it is install then proceed if it is not installed then run the configure file again and add the “enable-gui” switch. Adding this switch will rebuild the application with the GUI installed. Now the next step is to run the GUI application, you can run the application by typing “barrybackup” in the console window. Now you will have to wait for a few second while the system will locate the device. After few seconds the Blackberry PIN will appear, just save it.


Next step is to create a group of tools and devices you want to sync with your Blackberry. Now we will show you some example below. In examples given below In the example below, you have to substitute “ToolName” with the name of your tool or device. Follow the steps given below:

ToolName –addgroup Blackberry

ToolName –addmember Blackberry barry-sync

ToolName –addmember Blackberry evo2-sync

ToolName –showgroup Blackberry


Now the last step is to sync your Blackberry Curve. Now to sync the phone enter the command “ToolName –sync Blackberry”. Now the setup is complete and the Blackberry Curve will be in sync with the Linux operating system.