Have you tried accessing a folder and got denied of the access? This is because the folder is protected or locked on a specific user. This article will discuss how to take ownership of a file or folder and gaining full access on that file or folder in Windows XP in simple steps.

Log on as an Administrator

In order to access security and permission in the system, you should be logged in as an administrator. If you are using a personal computer, it is very much likely that the account that you are using is the administrator account. If you are on a network area or at the office, access the administrator of the entire system in order to confirm if you are logged in as the administrator or not.

Start Windows XP Home Edition in Safe Mode

If you are using XP Home Edition, your computer must start on a safe mode, and then you should log in with the administrator account to gain access on the Security tab. If you are using the Professional edition, you do not need you computer to start on safe mode. Visit this link 304449 for more information

How to Take Ownership of a File

1. Go to the file you want to gain ownership to, Right-click, and, afterwards, click the button labeled as Properties.
2.Locate and Click the Security-labeled tab, and then finally click the OK button when the Security message finally appears.
3.Locate and Click the Advanced command and then you need to click the Owner tab.
4.Locate the Name list, as it must come out, click the Administrator button, or click what is labeled as Administrators group, and then finally click the OK button.

How to Take Ownership of a Folder

1. Go to the folder you want to gain ownership to, Right-click the folder, and then click the button labeled Properties.
2.  Locate and Click the tab that says Security on it, and then click the OK button on the Security message that must appear right after clicking.
3.    Locate and Click the Advanced command and then click the tab labeled with Owner.
4.  Locate the Name list, click the user name you chose for yourself, or click the Administrators group click or the Administrator command if ever you are logged in as the system Administrator.
5.    If you wish to finally take ownership of all of contents that can be found within the involved folder, simply select and click the Replace Owner command on sub-containers and objects check box.
6.    Click OK, and respond accordingly to the following message:You do not always or automatically have the permission to open or read the contents of directory folder name. However, are you truly interested in finally replacing the necessary directory permissions with the highly desired set of permissions that can grant you absolutely Full Control? All of the necessary permissions will then be replaced when you finally click the Yes button.7.    Click OK, and then finally reapply the settings for the system security as well as the permissions that you wish for the entire folder including its contents.

As the administrator, you have a vast control over the computer, even owning folders or files that are locked or private to a specific user. As long as you are logged on as the administrator, it is easy to gain access and ownership to files and folders. You can simply follow the steps that this article has provided and enjoy full access of these files and folders.