Those who are new to the Windows 7 may have noticed that there is a new auto tile feature and are wondering how it works, exactly. Even though you can still right click on the taskbar so you can tile the windows manually like in the previous versions of Windows, Windows 7 now has the ability to tile these windows automatically. This is a certifiable time saver and also lessens the need for multiple mouse clicks. You can use the auto-tile feature when you are using Windows 7 so you can view two windows or documents simultaneously on a large monitor.

Put Your Tiling Plans into Action
1.    First, you must click on the title bar on top of your window and drag it all of the way to one of the sides of your screen. This way, the mouse pointer is located at the edge of your screen as well. This will then prompt half of the screen to turn blue.
2.    After doing that, release the mouse button so you can drop the window. This will expand so it can fill half of the screen automatically.
3.    Click on another window, specifically the window you want to place beside the other one, and drag this to the other side of the screen. That half of the screen will then turn blue like before.
4.    Now, you can release the mouse button and then the window will expand to fill the remaining half of the screen.
5.    If you need to tile more than two windows, just right click on the taskbar located at the bottom of the screen or wherever you decided to place it. Click on Show windows stacked or Show windows side by side. This will enable you to view the remaining window, but only in a more minimal size.
6.    Another way for you to apply this is by going to the Task manager. Hold down the Ctrl button, select multiple applications and then right click on the selection. You will see several options like Tile horizontally, vertically and cascade.
If you find yourself with more open windows than you can handle, and would very much like to tile and cascade just a few to help you work better, then you can choose to tile them at your leisure. It really is a pain to keep on minimizing, maximizing and then doing it all over again. This is especially annoying when you have a slow personal computer on hand. So, this is the most viable solution so you can finally work using multiple windows.
When you were using Windows XP and Vista, you normally would have just used the Ctrl + Click option on the multiple taskbar buttons and then selected the Show windows side by side option or one of the others. It did work, especially on the many windows that you were using.
This option was removed from Windows 7 in favor of Aero Snap, which is what will be taught here. There are also other ways to do it, like tiling vertically and with more than two windows.