Keyboard is the main input device by which the information is entered into the computer but sometime we encounter trouble in entering the information into our computer system as we face some common problems. Here we are going to discuss the troubleshooting of common keyboard issues.

The common keyboard issues include:

1.   Appearance of wrong characters on typing.

2.   On pressing multimedia keys, onscreen messages do not appear.

3.   An illegal operation error message is displayed while setting up multimedia keyboard button.

4.   Multimedia keyboard buttons did not work properly.

5.   Internet keyboard buttons did not work properly.

6.   Sticking keys message displayed on pressing keys continuously.

Now let us discuss resolution to these common keyboard issues. The following tips will be helpful to you in troubleshooting the common issues with keyboard:

Tip1-The most common problem when faced with a keyboard is an improper connection. To resolve this, try to reconnect your keyboard and then restart your computer.

Tip 2– Turn off your computer system. Unplug the keyboard connector and inspect for any broken or bent pins. If the pins are broken, then the replacement of keyboard may be necessary.

Tip 3-Try to update the device driver for your keyboard. Visit the manufactures web site for latest version of driver available for your keyboard.

Tip 4-Search for any updates or software patches available for your keyboard.

Tip 5-If you are using a multimedia keyboard, then be sure to delete the software before the installation of any new drivers for this type of keyboard.

Tip 6-You can remove StickyKeys feature by the following the easy steps mentioned below.

1.   Press Shift key 5 times, then an option windows will appear.

2.   Click on Settings button.

3.   Next you have to click on Keyboard tab.

4.   Uncheck Use StickyKeys checkbox.

5.   Click on StickyKeys Settings button.

6.   Uncheck Use Shortcut checkbox.

7.   Now click Apply and then click OK twice.

Tip 7 Working with keyboard can be fun with shortcuts. Learning the keyboard shortcut will help you a lot. Do you know a computer can be fully operated only with a keyboard by using its shortcut keys.

Tip 8 Cleaning your keyboard. The cleaning of keyboard sometime helps you when dust is stucked in-between the keys.

Do the following to clean up your PC keyboard.

Make sure that your PC is turned off and your keyboard is unplugged. To remove dirt and lint from your keyboard, hold keyboard upside-down over a trash can and gently shake it. Another method to clean up your keyboard is to use a can of compressed air and then give it a few shots to remove dirt and the dust. If you like to clean dust between the keys, then get an old toothbrush and dampen and gently scrub between the keys. Depending on the usage of your keyboard, it is generally recommended to clean up your keyboard at least once in a month.