You have bought new system with Windows7 installed in it. Now you wish to transfer all your data from your old system having earlier version of Windows to new system. You can either chose each and every file to be transferred and make use of external HDD to transfer it or can use Windows Easy Transfer. It is very efficient software that lets you transfer all the data which is selected as per your settings. So there is no need to select each and every file as it is tedious and you might miss important file. You can transfer documents, photos, music, favorite mails and contacts by using this software.

Before the transfer begins, you have to make sure that you are logged in as an administrator. You can not use Easy Transfer if you are not logged in from administrator. After confirming, you have to install Windows Easy Transfer on an old system. This can be downloaded from Microsoft website. This software comes preinstalled in windows 7. Later you have to choose the transfer mode. You can transfer data in three different ways. It can be done by using external HDD or flash drive or you can use special USB cable or you can transfer across the network if both the computers are in same network. Now we will see each method in detail.

To transfer data using HDD, first you have to start Easy Transfer software on both the computers. You have to select the method of transfer which is external HDD in this case. There you will be asked if the computer you are currently using is old or new. You have to choose ‘new’ for the computer in which data is to be transferred and then proceed as per instructions. Now go to old computer and there select option ‘old’ after attaching external HDD or flash drive. The software will scan your system or all the possible types of files that can be transferred. You can even customize your selection after the process is completed. Password can be set for security purpose if you wish to. Select the HDD to save the file and you are done with old system. Now attach the HHD to new system and select previously stored file to start the transfer. You can view transferred files later.

Depending on method of transfer you chose, procedure changes slightly. To transfer the files using USB cable you have to follow the same procedure as stated above. Only instead of choosing HDD, you have to select option indicating Easy Transfer Cable. By selecting old or new computer and ensuring that both the computers are properly connected by cable, process can begin.  In this option also, you can check transferred data later. Network transfer also works in same fashion. However, Windows Transfer can not transfer files from 64-Bit version to 32-bit version. If you are willing to transfer data from 64-bit Vista to 32-Bit Windows7, then you can use manual method of ‘copy and paste’ to perform operation. You can even use backup files for the same purpose. Use of Easy Transfer software is the easiest and most reliable way for transferring data.