The Android Operating System which is an operating system for mobile phones has considerably become popular now. This Operating System is developed by Google and comes bundled in many smartphones. Android was first released by T-Mobile in their first Google Android Smart Phone in year 2008, and since then Android has become a tough competitor of Apple’s iPhone because of many features this operating system carries. The key feature of Android which has made it popular in the masses is its browsing interface which gives a whole new and enriched experience. Other than browsing this operating system has support for high quality Audio and Video playback. Because this operating system is quite new, so many of its users find difficult in transferring music from their computers to the phone, and vice-versa. Unlike Apple’s iPhone this phone doesn’t sync directly with the computer and so transferring media is a little challenge. Since there is no syncing software available for this phone, so one might get troubled in transferring the media as it requires some technical steps for doing the same. Also Android only supports M4A, MP3, MP4 and WAV format of media, and formats which use DRM may not work in an Android powered smart phone. In order to transfer and listen to such kind of media one will need to transfer it to some supportable format. In this post I will tell you how to transfer media to Android powered phones in a simple and easy way.

To transfer Media to your Android phone you need to follow some simple steps as mentioned below:

Step1: Mount your Android Phone as a USB mass storage device on your computer. To do this you need to plug in the phone using the USB cable and when you get the new USB device popup on the screen choose “Mount”.

Step2: After this step open “My Computer” or Computer Window and there you will find the phones storage listed as a removable drive. Double click on it to open it.

Step3: Now open another Window of the folder where you have your Music files and cascade the two windows side by side. To transfer the music to your Android phone just select the music files and drag them to your Android Phoes Storage Window.

Step4: Once the copy process finishes you can un-Mount the USB drive and then remove the cable which connects the phone and your computer.

So far by following these simple steps you have transferred the music to your Android phone and all that is left is to listen to the same on your phone. To listen to the music which you had just transferred just open the music player application which you use to listen to the songs and play the songs. You might not get the songs which you have just transferred listed in the playlist, so please refresh the playlist by scanning for new songs. This action of refreshing the playlist scans the phone’s memory for any newly added songs and saves the same in the playlist making them readily available for next time playback.