If you want to take a copy of your recent document with or want to show your photography skills to your friends then printing is the best way. With Windows you can print e-mails, photos and many other outputs. As it is quiet obvious to print any document you must have a printer. When you will go in a shop to buy it, the shopkeeper will introduce you to the three types of printers. All these three types with their advantages and disadvantages are discussed below. Following to your requirements, you can decide which one is best suited for you.


Before buying any type of printer you must be aware of the term DPI which will be quiet frequently used by seller. DPI holds for dots per inch. It is a criterion for the measurement of printer’s resolution. DPI is responsible for crisp and clarity of the printed document. DPI ratio is very important while buying a printer. Now let’s move our eye to the types of the printer. First is Inkjet printer. It throws small dots off inks on the paper through hair-sized needles. These printers are very cheap in terms of cost but worth in terms of performance. The only disadvantage is large number of ink it required. In addition to that they are slower that other two types. Though the cost of printer is low, large number of ink cartridges makes it costly.

Second type of printer is Laser printer. Laser printers use a powdery substance, toner, to print the documents. These printers are able to print in both, black and white and color. The one with black and white ability are termed as monochrome printer. Bigger paper trays and long lasting capability of cartridges are the advantages of laser printers over inkjets. However, these printers are more costly. Third type of printer is all-in-one printers which are more popular as AIO printers. As they name suggests, they can print, scan, create photocopies and can even fax them. Cost of these printers is high but the convenience they offer is making them the fastest-growing type.

Now you have brought printer, so its time to test it. First you have to connect printer to the system. There are many different ways to connect printer to the system depending whether you are using it at home or at workplace.  Wired printers can be connected using a cable and port in computer. Most home printers can be connected via USB which operating system automatically identifies. Wireless printers unite with the system via radio waves or Bluetooth. For Bluetooth connection, installation of Bluetooth adapter is required. When you connect adapter, operating system identifies the printer.

You might often see in offices that a printer is connected to a network and not a single computer. This type of printer is called network printer. Printing is very easy in Windows. If you wish to print a document, go into option or preferences and select print. Before that you must make sure that printer is added to the system. There are various options designed for simplicity which let you print only one page of several pages or all the pages in particular sequence.