Some of the users of the Windows 7 operating system see a red X in the notification area over the icon of the speakers even when their output is working in the right manner. They are able to hear the sound from their computer systems but still see a red X mark in the notification area. Think of the case when you have finished installing or upgrading to the new operating system launched by Microsoft i.e. the Windows 7 and in the notification area of the system tray you see a red ‘X’ over the icon of the speakers which shows that the audio output is not functioning in the correct manner.

This would be an indication which would tell the users that their audio output is not functioning. Additionally when the users would move their mouse over the icon of the speakers then they would also see a tool tip which would indicate that the audio service of the system on which the users are working is not functioning in the correct manner and they need to fix the problem if they wish to hear any sound from their system. In the actual manner, the audio service works fine and runs in the correct manner. Also the playback sound works in the right and correct way. There seems to be no problem when you hear the sounds from these systems except from the fact that you would see a red X on the screen of your computer which would make you think as if something is wrong with your audio output.

Cause of the Problem

This kind of problem can be due to the heavy disk activity when you are booting to the Windows desktop. In this type of situation even when the windows audio service has started the status of the speaker icon in the notification area would still show a red mark which would indicate that the audio service is not yet available but actually the playback would be completely functional at that time.

Solution to the Problem

If you are going through this sort of situation then you should look for the ways through which you can get rid of this situation. In many of the cases it has been observed that this red sign is temporary and it goes away when the Windows 7 operating system ends up booting to the desktop and also when the activity of the hard drive is decreased considerably. It can also disappear when the user clicks for the first time on the icon of the speaker when he wishes to change to the volume level of the audio playback. This type of behavior of the system is actually cosmetic and it does not create slowing down of the system or does not affect the performance or the speed of the system.

More Information about the Topic

If you wish to know that where you are going to experience this kind of situation then the answer to this is that it can be encountered when the setup of the Windows 7 and OOBE has finished and when the user restarts the computer to the Windows desktop. At this time, the system would be having a very heavy disk activity as the setup would finish all of the pending and final tasks. Also, the startup applications would be initialized and this causes a heavy activity of the disk.