It is very common that when a person uses various features on Windows he comes across different problems and start looking out for ways by which he can deal with them. While working on Windows people usually come across problems related to Windows Defender. When you are using this program then you will find some message that asks you for definition updates. Well this is a kind of error and to deal with it you need to have knowledge as how to troubleshoot it. However, before you start up with the process of troubleshooting this problem you should know that there are different scenarios that take place in this kind of problem.

In order to deal with these scenarios you require different solutions that are specific to each scenario.

Different situations or errors

Two situations arise when you use Windows Defender and as mentioned above for both these scenarios you may have to take different solutions. In the first case when you use Windows Defender a message appears on the screen that says check out for new definitions. Now when you try to check for the new definition updates another message appears on the screen that says definition updates cannot be downloaded, installed, or checked.

If any of these two conditions are similar to the one, through which you are going through then in the preceding text lays the solution to your problems.

Solutions to the problem

When the message appears on the screen to check the latest definition updates you must follow a series of steps to check for the updates. Firstly, start Windows Defender and check for the updates. To do so you should click on the option of check for updates now. However, by using these steps you have to check and then install all the latest definition updates manually. If you want to avoid all this manual work then there is available an option. By using this option you can not only decrease your workload but can also prevent this kind of problem from taking place. To enjoy all these benefits you need to use the option that automatically checks for definition updates for Windows Defender. If you do not know how to use it then do not worry as here are provided the steps for the same.

Firstly, select Windows Defender. Then select the option of Tools and then Options. There is available an option of Automatic Scanning and you have to select it if you want your system to perform all the updating tasks automatically. After selecting it, just save your settings and from now on your system can perform all the definition updates on its own.

If you are getting problem using Windows Defender then there is a simple way to deal with it. When users use Windows Defender they come across an error message in which they are asked to check for definition updates. However, this gives arise to other error message and ultimately the user has to install all updates manually. If you use the option of automatic updates in windows defender then you do not need to install updates manually.