Generally, when a user who is using Windows 7 tries to backup his files or update the existing files using some software then they encounter an error of 0x80070002. The reason for this error is different in both these cases and you can resolve them by adopting different approaches. When the error occurs in any of the above-mentioned situations, user may come across different situations. Thus, it is mandatory to have knowledge about different types of situations that one may find when this error occurs and how to deal with it efficiently.

What is the Problem?

When user wants to backup his files and other kind of data on Windows 7 then the option that is chosen for this purpose is Windows Backup. Once your backup process is completed, a message will appear on the screen that says Check your Backup Results. When you click on it, another message appears that says backup is complete but few files were skipped. This is the point where the actual problem begins and you need to deal with this. When the user tries to click on the Options button then the same message will appear again. Now, usually people try to view which files were skipped during the backup. When the user tries to view the link to files that the system was not able to backup, three different cases happen.

In all the three different scenarios, you can find a common phrase and that is the system cannot find a file specified by 0x80070002. Now you must be thinking if same thing appears in all the three scenarios then where does lie the difference amongst them. Well here you will shortly find the difference and then you can find which method to use to solve which particular scenario.

Different Scenarios during the Problem

In the first scenario, nothing happens and simply an error message appears stating, “The system cannot find a file specified by 0x80070002.” As mentioned above, in second type of scenario the same will be displayed on the computer screen. However, this error repeatedly keeps on appearing on the screen for few times. The third scenario is little different from the first two ones. This is because in this case two things happen. In one case, the system may stop responding to any kinds of commands or the process copying the files will stop automatically.

Causes and Resolution

You should know that the root cause for all these different scenarios is different. It is true that all three scenarios take place when the user tries to backup files on Windows 7 using the option of Windows Backup but their causes are different from each other. Just like causes, if you want to solves these issues then you have to take different steps for each of them.

If you try to use Windows Backup feature on a system based on Windows 7 to backup your files then you may come across an error code of 0x80070002. During this problem three different situations may arise and you have to deal with all of them in different manner.