How to Troubleshoot Error Messages When you Search for Available Updates

Have you been experiencing problems when you attempt to connect with Microsoft Windows Update Website? You may have received any of the following error codes:

• 0x800A0046
• 0x800A01AD
• 0x80248011
• 0x8024502D
• 0x80072EE7

The common cause of these errors would be certain conditions such as the account you are using is a limited account group, windows cannot locate the correct IP address, missing files, etc. each of which corresponds to an error. Each error has its appropriate method of solution, just follow the steps given:

For 0x800A0046 Error Code

Solution 1: Get rid of the User Account

1. Go to you Control Panel
2. Open Computer Management
3. Open Local Users and Groups
4. Click Users
5. Select the account used to access Microsoft or Windows Update.
6. Select Member Of
7. Remove the account you want removed.

Solution 2: Security Descriptor Setting

1. Click the Start Button > Run > encode cmd
2. Encode sc sdset wuauserv


“Success” will Prompt

Solution 3: Adding the Local Administrator and Service accounts

1. Click the Start Button > Run > encode secpol.msc
2. Open User Rights Assistant
3. Open Impersonate a client after authentication
4. Click Local Security Settings > Add User or Group > then add Administrator and Service to the User and Groups list

Solution 4: Configuring the Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

1. Click the Start Button > Run > encode services.msc
2. Find Remote Procedure Call (RPC) then right click and click Properties
3. Click the Log On > Local System Account > Apply

For 0x80248011 Error Code

Solution: Recreate the database where Windows Update is stored.
1. Click the Start Button > Run > encode cmd
2. Encode net stop wuauserv at the command prompt then press enter
3. Encode cd d c: Windows Software Distribution at the command prompt then press enter
4. Encode rd / S / Q DataStore at the command prompt then press enter
5. Encode net start wuauserv at the command prompt then press enter

For 0x80072EE7 Error Code

Solution: Make sure that your Hosts File does not contain static IP entries

1. Encode C:Windowssystem32driversetc folder in your explorer
2. From the list of programs, select the notepad
3. If any static IP address is found, simply delete the whole line and save changes

For 0x8024502d or 0x8024402C Error Codes

Solution: Removing Characters from the proxy exception list
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Click on Tools Menu > Internet Options
3. Select Connections tab > LAN settings > Advance
4. Delete all entries in the Exceptions list
5. Click the Start Button > Run > encode cmd
6. Encode; proxycfg –d, net stop wuauserv, net start wuaserv

For 0x800A01AD Error Code

Solution: Register Wuaueng.dll file

1. Click the Start Button > Run > encode regsvr32 Wuaueng.dll
2. Upon receiving “DllRegisterServer in Wuaueng.dll succeeded”, click OK.

These errors manifest due to technical incompatibilities in the data and preferences, problems of which can be solved with simple solutions and steps. Now you can update your windows.

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  1. Carlo

    For error 0x800A0046 during windows update
    None of the given solutions helped for me.
    Then i remember i removed the password from my administrator account. I just created a password again through controlpanel-> manage accounts
    Then i logged of and logged on again and my windows update worked.

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