This article basically describes those issues which can cause the Stop error problem including boot sector viruses and device driver issues or hardware issues, if you cannot resolve the problem after review these issues, then use the general troubleshooting steps. This is intended basically for advanced computer users. If you are not comfortable with advanced troubleshooting, then you might want to ask someone for help or contact to the support.

Cause of the troubleshooting

If you want to troubleshoot the issue, then at first read the following four sections to determine if any one of the issues applies to you.

Boot-Sector Viruses

If your computer is infected with a boot-sector virus then you can receive a “Stop 0x0000007B” error message. If the problem is intermittent and you have to start Windows, check your computer for viruses and if you find a virus, then also check any floppy disks for viruses before you use them again

Device Driver Issues

You may have to receive a “Stop 0x0000007B” error message in the following scenarios:

A device driver of the computer boot controller needs is not configured to start during the startup process. A device driver of the computer boot controller needs is corrupted. Information of the Windows XP registry (information related to the device drivers’ load during startup) is corrupted. Now Windows XP requires a miniport driver to communicate with the hard disk controller which is used to start your computer. If Windows XP does not supply a device driver for your controller or if Windows XP is using a corrupted or incompatible driver then you must replace the driver with a valid copy which is compatible with your controller and Windows XP.

Hardware Issues

You have to receive a “Stop 0x0000007B” error message if there is a resource conflict between the boot controller and another controller or between SCSI devices and you may also receive this Stop error message if drive translation is not being performed or if drive translation was changed.  Now to troubleshoot this issue:

An IRQ or I/O port address conflict exists between the boot controller and another controller, Windows XP can stops responding (hangs) or displays a “Stop 0x0000007B” error message. If you want to add a new hardware, then at first remove the new hardware or reconfigure it so that it does not conflict with the resources of any other installed controllers. You are using a SCSI hard disk, and then check the SCSI chain for correct termination. If you want to remove any unused SCSI devices then at first make sure that each SCSI ID is unique. Now you have to make sure that drive translation is turned on (if it is required) and it has not been changed.

General Troubleshooting are:

If you receive one of these error messages while you are installing Windows XP, then update the computer BIOS or obtain Windows XP drivers for your hard disk controller, or do both. Use the Last Known Good Configuration feature which may resolve the problem if you recently installed an incompatible device driver for your boot controller. For additional information about repairing Windows XP by using the Setup program you have to use the Repair option with Windows XP Setup. For additional information about restoring a registry backup, you have to restore a registry backup.