eTrust is an anti-virus program and like other anti-virus it also offers complete protection against malware and virus. eTrust is developed by CA (Computer Associates). Main features of this program or software is like it has easy to use interface and you can configure it to update automatically. While updating the database, it requires no other input from users. There may be some issues with installing and using this program. You can troubleshoot the anti-virus program to resolve these issues. A general user can also troubleshoot this program easily and we will explain how to do this. You just have to follow the instructions given below.

One issue may be regarding system slowdown. Below we provide the solution.


First step is to start the task manager. Either you can start it by right clicking on the taskbar or go to “run”; type “taskmgr” and click enter. It will open the task manager screen.


Now, in the task manager screen, you have to locate the processes tab and click the tab to view contents. You will see four columns, these columns represents the running processes. You can see on the left “image name” column, it represents names of the active processes. Next, click on the “cpu” column header twice to order the processes in descending order.


The next step is to check whether the CA files are consuming heavy CPU. Try to locate the item and note down its name. Now you can sort the entries according to memory usage in descending order, double click “mem usage”. Now you will have to identify any CA files under the image name column that may be consuming heavy memory and slowing down the system. Just note down the CA item name.


Next, you have to click tab labeled “performance”. Now, you will see a graph, in the graph check whether CPU usage history is too high. Now keep the internet on and contact CA with suspected file names. The CA vendor will retrieve activity logs from the computer and it will resolve the issue by providing appropriate product updates.

System crash

If system is crashing or not stable then boot the computer in safe mode. Check for appropriate system requirements and operating system. You can also disable any start-up programs that are conflicting with eTrust anti-virus and open “msconfig” by typing the same in the run command box. In the new window opened by the command and locate the startup program. Now you will have to identify programs not associated with eTrust and uncheck those items.

Now go to “install folder/CA”, this will instruct the computer not to load programs that are not associated with eTrust. Press ok and reboot the computer.

You can also check Microsoft services, again go to msconfig, then “services” and check the tab “hide Microsoft services”. Press ok and again restart the computer to finish the process.

After doing all these steps given above, download new version of eTrust and install that on your PC.