Sharing documents in office is now very easy due to networks that can be established between computers. To take an important file from other user in office, instead of attending that person’s system personally, you can tell the user to share a file over the network. There are many benefits of using network, which enable many computers to communicate with each other at a time. Sometimes it may happen that you get an error while connecting to device or another computer over a network. There are different reasons for different circumstances. To understand each type of problem and their solutions let us take a look at each predicament in detail.

To join Homegroup

One of the simplest reasons that hit the mind when you find difficulty accessing the Homegroup is that you might not be the member of the group you are trying to connect. You have to follow few easy steps in order to be member of the group. To join the group created by a person you must acquire the password required to access the group. As soon as you join the group, user accounts from your system become part of the group.

  • You can access ‘Homegroup’ by typing Homegroup in the search box available in control panel.
  • Click on ‘Join now’.
  • Absence of the button ‘Join now’ indicates that there is no Homegroup active and thus you must ensure that there exist a Homegroup.

Your system may not be part of the network on which Homegroup you wish to access is active. To connect to network click on network notification on taskbar and then click on the network you want to connect. If Homegroup is not located on home network you cannot access it. So check the location of the Homegroup.

Network Discovery

Network discovery, as the name suggests, are settings that decide which computers can be detected by your computer and vice versa. Windows Firewall is designed to prevent network discovery but it can be enabled very easily. To enable it you have to access ‘Network and Sharing center’. In the menu you will find option, which will let you change advanced sharing setting. In your network profile there will be an option to turn on network discovery.

Trouble with other computers

The reason that other computers are not visible on Homegroup can be related to the mode on which computers are at the moment. Other computers might be on Hibernate mode or sleep mode. It can also be case that other users haven’t shared any folder on network and thus are invisible.

Change in Password

There is one more possibility. The person having authority over network might have changed the password. After changing password, if computer is immediately turned off or hibernated then this password could not be set on other computers in network. To solve this issue, original computer must be turned on and password must be reentered so that all the computers recognize it.

If all the above stated issues are not recognized then you must check your network connection and ensure that it is working properly. If it is not working properly then restart the computer and check again.  Networking provides easy access to other computers and at the same time strong security. Thus, small issues can be immediately solved in order to get benefit from network.