On a machine that is running on Windows Vista or Windows 7, you would not have either of the Network icons, Volume icon or the Power icon displayed in the right lower corner of your display. You can use these features in the normal mode and you will have no issues with the functionality that they provide. The check boxes for the related system icons are not selected in the Notification Area tab of Taskbar and Start Menu Properties box. You need to go to the Control Panel to access these features.

You can have these icons appear on the screen on instances where you gave your computer enough time to reboot properly and get done with the startup services completely. In case you still do not see any change to the system icons and they do not appear in the notification area after the restart,  you can still make them reappear by altering just two of the subkeys from the registry.

There are two possible ways to get this thing done. One is to leave the matter to the Microsoft authored tool that fixes the problem for you while the other lets you do the changes yourself.

Fix it for me:

You can search for the issue online and get the problem sorted out by just downloading one file from the Microsoft’s website. This would help you make no mistake while making the correction and the file will automatically delete the two subkeys that need to be deleted. Run the application right away once you have downloaded it from the server. In case your computer does not allow you to download stuff from internet or you do not have an internet connection, you can carry the application from somewhere that has an internet connection on medium like a flash drive or a CD.

Let me fix it myself:

Once you start a new computer, the operating system usually takes quite a lot of time to initialize the startup services. The process might take time ranging from just one hour to six hours. The time taken depends on the applications that are loaded on the computer already. Give your computer enough time to start properly and get done with all the startup services. The services need to initialize for once before you shut down or restart your computer. The issue normally does not persist in case the services were completed before the computer was restarted. The hard disk light is a clear clue to determine that the process is over or not. You can also judge this by the Performance tab in the Task Manager. If the resources used up are less then 15 percent, the startup services have ended up and you can restart your computer.

To modify registry and make system wide changes, you can easily have this issue resolved. Use the instructions below to get the job done for you:

  • Click on the Start Menu and type Regedit and press ENTER.
  • Locate the key from the registry tree and click on it:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify.

  • Click on the IconStreams registry entry in the details pane and delete that using Delete option in the Edit menu. Paress Yes to confirm the delete operation.
  • Delete the PastIconStream registry entry also present in the Details pane by using the Delete option in the Edit Menu.
  • Exit Registry Editor and Restart the Explorer.exe process through the Task Manager.