Internet has revolutionized how the things are done in the modern world. The communication and transfer of information from one corner of the world to another corner of the world has become easier and a matter of seconds. Every day thousands of people from all over the world copy files and information from websites for a variety of purposes. It is often a common experience that we are unable to copy the required information from the websites. People come across such experiences from time to time on worldwide web. There are numerous reasons for this cause.

Causes For this Issue

One cause may be that the subject website is critically dangerous in the eyes of windows and that’s why you cannot copy or extract information from that particular web. Generally, windows only allow you to open and navigate the websites which are considered safe in its eyes. Windows uses a methodology to determine which websites is a trusted one. This methodology of windows consists of four security zones. The webs lie in one of the four security zones. These security zones are namely internet, local intranet, trust sites and restricted sites. Windows will assign any of these security zones to the websites.

Internet Security Zone

By default the internet security zone is applied to all of the websites. Normally its security level is medium high which is customizable and you can make it medium or high. As this setting is in default, windows will consider all the websites in this zone unless you put some websites in trusted or restricted zone by yourself manually. Local intranet security zone is applied to all the websites which are present on a local network. There is huge data and information available on the local networks such as movies, agendas and files and allows you to copy files. The security level in local intranet security zone by default is set to medium. But it is customizable and you can set it to any other level low or high manually. Trusted security zone is applied to those websites that you indicate by yourself that they are safe and will not affect your system. Its security level is normally set to medium by default. But it is customizable and you can set it to any level low or high by your own choice manually. The security zone namely restricted sites is applied to those webs which can harm your computer and are considered dangerous. You can add the websites that you might know can harm your computer by yourself manually in the system of restricted sites security zone.

How to Access Security Zones

In order to access these security zones you need to go to control panel and search for internet options. From internet options you can see the security tab. Click on the security tab and you will notice these four security zones.

You can add a URL (Universal Resource Locator) to trusted or restricted security zone. If you are adding a site to the trusted security zone please make sure that you are confident about the web otherwise your system can be subject to a big danger. So by following above given methods you can overcome the problem that you are facing.