Windows phone 7 is the latest of release in the line of smartphone. In comparison to its predecessor-Windows Phone, Windows Phone 7 is a hallmark of a new operating system that is specifically dedicated to smartphones. As a new OS Windows Phone 7 has some problems that may take time for users to to use to. In order to troubleshoot some of these problems, please follow the instructions stated below:

  • Windows phone doesn’t connect to your computer
  • You are trying to sync large files to your windows phone disconnects it


If your windows phone doesn’t connect to your computer use following steps to trouble shoots it.

If the windows live care is installed on your computer, it may be blocking your phone and you will need to configure this to let your phone connect, the main reason of this problem is that the driver installation may not have completed successfully.

Do the following to complete it.

Step 1:

First keep your windows phone connected to your computer

Step: 2

Now go to the desktop start menu the go to start search and enter Device Manager or you can type devmgmt.msc to launching the device manager window.

Step 3:

Now in the Device Manager window look under the Network adapter’s node for Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter.

Step 4:

After that expand the Mobile Devices node and search for Microsoft USB Sync

Step 5:

Now disconnect and reconnect your windows phone, it will reinstall the driver for your phone.


You are trying to sync large files to your windows phone disconnects it.

If you are syncing music and picture files or other large files and the connection suddenly closes then you might have a serial driver issue on your phone.

If you have USB to PC capability in your phone and you are not using a VPN or specific firewalls, then try switching your phone into RNDIS mode.

Step 1:

On your phone and click start then click settings then go to connections and then USB to PC

Step 2:

Now enable RNDIS USB select the Enable advanced network functionality then check box and after that just click OK.

Step 3:

Now restart your phone by pushing and holding the power button, press the reset button or pulling the battery and then turning your phone on again.

Step 4:

Now try syncing again, but note (RNDIS mode requires a little additional time when connecting your phone, be patient and wait for your phone to connect.

You can troubleshoot above two big problems of your windows phone by using above mentioned troubleshooting steps.